Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Wants Out of ‘Oppressive’ Contract

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Idol winner Phillip Phillips wants out of his “oppressive” contract
The Season 11 American Idol champ has filed a petition with the California Labor Commissioner claiming that Idol producer 19 Entertainment “manipulated” him into accepting jobs. His attorney calls the Idol contract “”oppressive, fatally conflicted.” Phillips, who says he’s been forced to perform for free and wasn’t made aware of his last album’s title until the last minute, says he wants to make his own choices about his career.

Fox confirms a live-action X-Men series is in the works
There is, however, one complication: Fox will need Marvel’s blessing to proceed with the series. But Fox is “cautiously optimistic” that a deal could be done.

Blizzard won’t stop tonight’s Monday Night Raw
With Connecticut roads closing tonight due to the massive Northeast blizzard, WWE has a Plan B. Tonight’s “Raw” will be taped from WWE’s studio in Stamford.

Anthony Anderson: Michelle and Sasha Obama consider Black-ish their favorite show
“I was at the White House about a month ago and met the president and first lady, and the first thing out of their mouths was, ‘We love Black-ish,”” Anderson tells the NY Times. He adds: “It’s Sasha and the first lady’s favorite show. Those are her words. So we’re writing little jokes about the first family in our show because of that. They enjoy it, and we enjoy them watching it.”

Cake Boss renewed for 2 more seasons
That’ll be eight seasons for the Buddy Valastro reality show.

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel will spoof their 1994 Today internet ignorance in a Super Bowl ad
The former Today co-hosts have filmed a Super Bowl spot for BMW, mocking their “What is the Internet, Anyway?” video that went viral in 2011.

Jimmy Fallon’s post-Super Bowl Tonight Show will feature a Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in a lip-sync battle
Sunday’s special episode, airing from Phoenix, will also include Ariana Grande performing with The Roots.

Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones casts David Tennant as Marvel villain Killgrave
The Broadchurch star “can deliver the most heart-wrenching moment to the driest of lines, and all points in between. He’ll make Kilgrave a truly original villain,” says exec producer Melissa Rosenberg.

Adam Levine will perform at the Oscars
The Voice star will perform the Oscar-nominated song “Lost Stars” from his movie Begin Again.

E! fans were disappointed that Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic skipped the SAG Awards red carpet
Some were outraged that Seacrest and Rancic were replaced by Maria Menounos, Ross Mathews and Kelly Osbourne.

President Obama brought Kal Penn with him to India
The CBS Battle Creek star and former White House aide, whose birth name is Kalpen Modi, took a selfie with another Modi — India’s prime minister.

John Oliver “auditions” for Fifty Shades of Grey
With Last Week Tonight’s hiatus close to ending, Oliver posted a video last night apologizing to Fifty Shades of Gray star Jamie Dornan.

Larry Wilmore says his 1st week went “beyond my expectations”
Wilmore says The Nightly Show is still evolving, including features such as “KeepIt100”.” “Well, we’re still learning that,” he says. “It’s trying to create the most interesting dilemma that a person has to answer. Some of it is knowing who you’re going to ask the question to and trying to learn as much about that person as possible. Marry that to a topic if you can and then create a dilemma for that person. It’s really fun coming up with those questions.”

Matthew McConaughey never won a major award for True Detective
Last night, he was snubbed by the SAG Awards, losing to Kevin Spacey of House of Cards. That’s following his loses to Billy Bob Thornton at the Golden Globes and Bryan Cranston at the Emmys.

Zach Braff jokes about getting together with Scrubs co-star Sarah Chalke
“Guys, we actually ended up together,” he tweeted with a pic of his former co-star, adding that it’s a joke because he doesn’t want her hubby to get mad at her.