‘Jessica Jones’ Star Finds a Place in Season 2 of ‘Humans’

Carrie Anne Moss, Marshall Allman, humans
Colin Hutton/Kudos/Channel 4/AMC

Jessica Jones star Carrie-Anne Moss finds herself in another twisted web when she joins the cast of AMC’s Humans for its second season. The series, like Westworld, explores what happens after machines built to serve people go beyond their programming to think and feel just like human beings. Last year, a few British artificial intelligences—or Synths—had discovered the computer code that could bring full human consciousness to their kind.

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Humans Season 2: Will the Conscious Synths Bring the End of Humanity?

The cast and producers of the AMC drama tease next year's return at New York Comic Con.

Moss’s Dr. Athena Morrow, an American artificial-intelligence expert, is far removed from that action, though. As Season 2 begins, she is trying to bring consciousness to AIs on her own in California and has no idea what’s going on across the pond. “She has a very personal reason for why she wants to do this,” teases Moss.

The storylines merge as Athena notices that British leaders in her field have mysteriously gone silent on the subject. “Her intuition is guiding her to go to England to find out more,” says Moss. If what’s going on there is anything like Westworld, she may not want to listen.

Humans, Season Premiere, Monday, February 13, 10/9c, AMC.