NBC’s ‘The More You Know’ Campaign Returns With Milo Ventimiglia and Jane Lynch

Milo Ventimiglia
Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Milo Ventimiglia, star of NBC's 'This Is Us'

Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama did it. So did the Friends cast, Joan Rivers, Steve Harvey and Amy Poehler. Tom Brokaw was the first to do it back in 1989.

We’re talking, if you haven’t guessed, about The More You Know, NBC’s well-known—and much parodied— Emmy-winning series of public service announcements (PSA) featuring celebrities delivering messages on subjects that have included tolerance, reading, STEM education, and voting.

The campaign is back with likes of Milo Ventimglia (This Is Us), Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night), Willie Geist (TODAY, Sunday Today) and Nick Cannon (America’s Got Talent) sharing their thoughts on diversity, education, health, digital literacy and the environment, among other topics.

You can catch the new PSA on NBC and its cable channels, and online at themoreyouknow.com, in rotation starting the week of February 6.

Below is an exclusive first look at the new spots: