‘Outlander’ Stars Tease Season 7 Secrets in Behind-the-Scenes Video

Outlander fans may be waiting for Season 7 to arrive, but the stars are keeping the loyal viewers entertained in the meantime with a new behind-the-scenes featurette released by Starz.

In the nearly four-minute video coined “Selling Wilmington,” costars Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin walk around the Wilmington set and explain some of the secrets behind its layout including what dwellings are merely skeletons and which ones provide interior space for filming. While Fraser family matriarch Caitriona Balfe isn’t there for the tour, it’s possible she’s behind the camera as Heughan, Skelton, and Rankin hinted at ongoing Season 7 filming going on out of frame.

Sophie Skelton behind-the-scenes of 'Outlander'

(Credit: Starz)

“We’re setting up for a shot here,” Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser says, pointing to an area not captured on this featurette’s camera. He then points up to the sign on a nearby building, acknowledging, “down here is where Claire is currently being held, prisoner.” Only time will tell what exactly is going on, but thankfully the wait isn’t too far as Outlander will officially return to TV this summer.

The Red Falcon is a piece of construction that excites Heughan who excitedly explains that it’s one of the few buildings on the Wilmington set that provides indoor spaces for filming. Additionally, Skelton and Rankin individually walk down memory lane for their characters’ romance as they point out locations pivotal to Brianna and Rogers’ story.

They also reveal how they manage to make the Scottish countryside look like North Carolina. These are just a few of the exciting spots on set that the stars were excited to show off. “And there’s more to come,” Skelton promises. “We have not seen the end of Wilmington yet, because on a little street behind you, which I won’t show you yet, some very cool things may or may not be set to happen in Season 7. So, we will see you back here then.”

Stay tuned for more on Season 7 as we await Outlander‘s return this summer and let us know what you think of the behind-the-scenes featurette in the comment sections below.

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