SNL’s ‘The Watcher’ Parody Might Make the Property Brothers Blush (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live Amy Schumer

The Netflix miniseries The Watcher told a story of a suburban family terrorized by threats from an anonymous letter. The Saturday Night Live sketch “The Looker” tells the same story… only with Amy Schumer playing a mother with a Property Brothers fetish.

In that sketch from the NBC show’s episode on Saturday, November 5, Schumer and SNL actor James Austin Johnson play the parents of the family, while fellow cast members Chloe Fineman and Marcello Hernández play the kids.

The family moves into their new home, only to find a letter from “The Looker” on their doorstep. In the typewritten letter, The Looker tells Dad he sees everything, like his son playing guitar and his daughter mooning over the lawn boy.

“As for your wife, after everyone’s asleep, she goes to the kitchen and eats an entire second dinner,” The Looker adds. “She eats it like a greedy, panicked raccoon afraid of getting caught.”

Yes, The Looker seems to have a particular interest in what Mom does when she thinks no one’s looking. “After you leave, she gets a snack, turns on the TV, and pleasures herself,” The Looker writes. “To the Property Brothers.” (Look away, Jonathan and Drew Scott!)

“Your life may seem perfect, but The Looker knows it’s not,” the letter continues. “And your poor wife seems to be having trouble in the bathroom. I see her in there, slowly rocking back and forth, trying to make something happen, giving herself pep talks. She gets so frustrated, she’ll go downstairs and blow off steam with more Property Brothers. Why is she so aroused by that show? Is it the brothers, or is it the property?”

Eventually, Dad takes the kids to spend the night elsewhere, while Mom stays home to watch the house. And she has an important message for The Looker — check out the full sketch above.

Saturday’s episode of SNL — which featured Schumer as host and Steve Lacy as musical guest — had plenty of other references to the television industry. For example, in another sketch, Johnson played a version of Donald Trump with knowledge of Chevy Chase’s drama on the Community set.

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