‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst Reveals What Happens Off-Camera Before Each Challenge

Survivor Season 42 Episode 10
Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Ever wonder what happens before a Survivor challenge? Jeff Probst can tell you.  The Survivor host answered a frequently asked question about the CBS competition series ahead of the show’sSeason 42 Episode 10 on Wednesday, May 4.

Videos on his Instagram story reveal how players are prepped for each Survivor challenge off-camera. And as it turns out, the Survivor contestants get time to make a game plan before the challenge begins instead of just being thrown into the ring like the episodes imply.

“Another fun episode from Survivor 42 tonight,” Probst starts off. “Some of you have been asking some questions about the show, so over the next few weeks I’ll try to answer some of them.”

“People often ask, what’s something that we don’t see during a challenge? And the truth is, if it’s interesting or dramatic or funny, it’s there. What you don’t see is what happens before we run the challenge,” he continues. “We bring them out, and we tell him what the challenge is going to be. And that’s not much of an explanation, it’s really just the basics.”

Here’s where things get more fun.

“Then we walk them through the entire challenge so that they have a chance to see every single element and anticipate what they want to do with it,” Probst reveals. “And then, the part that I like the most is before we run, I always say something to the effect of ‘good luck’ or a fist bump with everybody, because I am their biggest fan. Even though I’m seen as an adversary sometimes, I am always rooting for them to do their best. So think about that next time you watch a challenge.”

Survivor Season 42 has delivered some grueling physical challenges. And while each challenge is safety tested by a group of professionals called the Dream Team, sometimes the weather throws a wrench into the plans. In fact, the weather made a challenge in Survivor Season 42 Episode 3 became so dangerous, Probst had to pause the challenge for the first time in Survivor history.

No matter the challenge, Probst is always rooting for the players to perform their best. And there’s always a crew at the ready to come help, should players ever need it.

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