Watch Stephen Colbert’s Emotional Reaction to ‘Blue’s Clues’ Host Steve Burns (VIDEO)

After a video message from original Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns went viral this week, his comforting and encouraging words to grown-up fans of the original series were enough to warm everyone’s hearts…even those who weren’t the show’s target audience.

Stephen Colbert sat down to talk about the video during The Late Show on September 9, not expecting to be touched by the video’s sentiment, but his reaction was totally relatable.

“Folks, that soft sound you’ve been hearing everywhere this week is the internet weeping because Steve, the original host of the beloved children’s show Blue’s Clues, dropped a video message to millennials,” he stated.

Having only known of the show because of his children, Colbert didn’t think he would react much to it, saying, “So, obviously, I have no emotional investment in Steve. But, alright, what did he say?”

As clips of the video played, Colbert responded to the points brought up by Steve. When Steve mentioned how his character left the show, Colbert asked, “Where’d you go?”

When Steve applauded how much fans have grown, Colbert agreed, saying, “I have grown a lot, I’m on network now!”

Colbert’s reactions grew more and more emotional, eventually leaving him on the brink of tears. Steve finished up the video by saying, “I guess I just wanted to say that after all these years, I never forgot you… ever.” Colbert, now a blubbering mess, yelled in response, “I didn’t forget you either!”

Once the video was over, Colbert quickly snapped back into reality, once again claiming he was not upset, only to be surprised by Steve in-studio. “Steve from Blue’s Clues who I’m not emotionally invested in? What are you doing here?”

“Well, I just came by. I wanted to see if you were okay. I mean, you seem kind of upset, and I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted a hug,” said Steve. Clearly wanting the hug, Colbert nonchalantly replied, “I mean, if you need one, or whatever.” The two embraced in a comforting bear hug, representing what the video meant to so many fans.

Before walking off the stage, Colbert found a pawprint clue from the show underneath his desk, and the two ran off to deliver the clue to Blue.

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