‘Jersey Shore’ Bros Pauly D & Vinny on Taking Another ‘Double Shot at Love’

Vinny, Pauly D and Nikki

Vinny Guadagnino is hoping the third time’s the charm as he searches for a soulmate on Double Shot at Love. The keto guido returns for Season 3 of the MTV dating series with Jersey Shore bro DJ Pauly D DelVecchio by his side.

This time though, Pauly D recruited girlfriend Nikki Hall, who brings a woman’s perspective to help Vinny. And who better to advise the New York native, since she found happiness with Pauly D as a result of the reality show?

In all, 17 females will vie for the eligible bachelor’s affection. Here, Vinny and Pauly D tell TV Insider about what they’re looking for in Mrs. Right, how Nikki changes up their dynamic, and what’s to come.

How is it having Nikki involved on the other side of things?

Pauly D: It was really dope because Nikki really was one of the ladies on the other end. Her having that insight was really dope. And she knows this guy [points to Vinny] as much as I do. She was a key player in this whole equation.

Vinny: It was an interesting perspective to have because we’re just guys. Nikki would let us know what was going on from her point of view as well while we’re going through the process. It helped both of us out.

Pauly, how does it feel to be the wingman for Vinny?

Pauly D: This guy is my best friend. I want to see him happy. I want to see him find someone. I’m living proof that these shows can work. I wouldn’t have met Nikki if it weren’t for this show and this process. And sometimes this guy needs a little nudge. Sometimes his head gets clouded by his own judgment. A smart guy, but everyone can use a little help to find someone to fall in love with. And that is exactly what I was able to do. And Nikki was there to help as well.

Pauly, Vinny and Nikki


Vinny, has your criteria changed for what you are looking for based on prior experiences?

Vinny: I don’t really know my criteria. That’s what gets me into problems. I have a lot of different interests. I want someone I can work out with and be productive with. I’m attracted to someone’s drive. Someone who likes to set goals. Whether that be in business or the gym. I have all these personality traits that I’m looking for in a partner. This time you can tell I did have a lot in common with the women because they were there specifically for me.

What are some of the situations and environments we’re going to be seeing as you make your decision?

Vinny: The first time around we did have challenges. There are challenges. The biggest challenge honestly though is them living with each other. Just seeing how they react. It really brings out your true colors when 17 women live on top of each other in a house, all competing for love. That’s the ultimate test. You get down and dirty where it strips you down to who you actually are.

Pauly, did you have any input on the selection process of these ladies?

Pauly D: I know this guy. I think I know him more than he knows himself at this point. I know when he was looking for somebody this time, it was somebody he can have some substance with. That’s why he was talking about his type. When in the past he was looking for the one-night stand type of deal. I had to take that into consideration. The meet your mother type. That’s hard to find nowadays.

Snooki and JWoww are in the teaser. What can we expect from their visit?

Pauly D: They are like our sisters. So it’s good to get their perspective. They’ve been living with this guy for years now. If they don’t meet their approval, they are not going to be good enough for Vinny.

Vinny: They’ll give me the honest truth. They come in the house and are there for 24 hours just to wreck sh-t. They turn the whole house upside down. Then you get to see who is really who. Everything is fine, then those guys walk in, and all of a sudden, the house turns into madness. Then they leave us to clean it up.

Pauly D: What a good way to get to know someone though. Having them interact with strangers.

Vinny: That’s our family, so you have to meet our family.

Vinny, what’s your status with Maria? Fans were rooting for you two during the past seasons. Are you still friends?

Vinny: Me and Maria are still friends. We have a history of doing these types of shows. Just like Nikki, she has that insight into what it’s like on the other side of the process. I consider Maria a friend now for sure.

It almost seemed like Season 2 had more distractions, where here, the show gets back to the task at hand.

Vinny: This is a straight-up dating competition show. The second season was we met these people and partied with them in a different environment. This is a straight-up elimination show. In the second one, the stakes were a lot lower. It was just all day partying. Now you have the whole feelings involved, and as you keep going into it, hearts break more and more. Tough decisions to make. It really went back to that high-stakes, dramatic format.

Pauly D: It was like you said. Back to business with season 1 vibes. This time all of the focus was all on Vinny. One bachelor. You had all these women he had to date. There is so much drama when it’s just focusing on one. It’s all on him. All the pressure on him. There were no distractions. Other than he had a lot of challenges, a lot of dates, double dates, Nikki’s point of view. It was a totally different show with Season 1 vibes.

So if we have a Double Shot at Love season 4, it may be a couples edition?

Vinny: It keeps shapeshifting. It’s following our real lives too. I was the only single one left [on Jersey Shore], so it made sense to do it this way with Pauly and Nikki, who it worked out for, to help me out.

Pauly, what can you tell us about your future with Nikki? Will we hear wedding bells soon?

Pauly D: We’re taking it day-by-day. We’re enjoying each other’s company. We keeping it at that. We’re just having a good time.

Double Shot at Love premieres September 16, 9/8c, MTV