‘Leverage: Redemption’ Sets Fall Premiere Date, Plus Who’s Returning from the Original? (VIDEO)

Noah Wyle, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, Aleyse Shannon, Beth Riesgraf in Leverage: Redemption
Alfonso Bresciani/Amazon Studios

The Leverage: Redemption team is back sooner than you might think to take down some more bad guys.

The second set of eight episodes of the Leverage revival will drop on IMDb TV on Friday, October 8. (The first eight were released on July 9.) Watch the fun video below with Christian Kane (Hitter Eliot Spencer), Noah Wyle (Fixer Harry Wilson), Gina Bellman (Grifter Sophie Devereaux), Beth Riesgraf (Thief Parker), Aldis Hodge (Hacker Alec Hardison), and Aleyse Shannon (Maker Breanna Casey) announcing the news.

Furthermore, the streaming service has revealed that Drew Powell is reprising his role as Jack Hurley, whom the crew met as a mark during a job in the original series back in Season 1’s “The 12-Step Job” and later encountered needing their help in Season 4’s “The Boys’ Night Out Job.” Will he be too trusting once again? Other new guest stars are Ben Thompson, Joanna Cassidy, Jon Fletcher, and Brianna Brown, joining the previously-announced James Marsters, LeVar Burton, and Andrea Navedo (returning as Federal Marshal Maria Shipp, whom we met in the first eight episodes and had a bit of a flirtation with Eliot).

Marsters’ Carl cons wealthy country club members to fund a dark criminal enterprise. “It was a different sort of animosity because usually it’s Spike and Lindsey and I’m trying to kill him and stick a stake through his heart and he’s trying to bite me,” Kane told TV Insider of their Angel reunion. “It’s just way more subtle in that episode.”

Burton will be playing small-town librarian Mr. Blanche in Riesgraf’s directorial debut. He’s battling Stage 4 cancer and the team sets to make his dream of being a hero like in the books he reads come true.

In these next eight episodes, the crew finds itself up against a rival organization that embodies the system they work so hard to take down. Some of their jobs include helping a small-town librarian, discrediting a lifestyle and wellness guru, and exploring the failing memory of a legendary grifter.

In Leverage: Redemption, the crew has returned to take down the rich and powerful who think they can just get what they want. They’ve lost their Mastermind (Timothy Hutton’s Nate Ford) but gained former corporate lawyer Harry Wilson, looking for redemption, and Hardison’s foster sister Breanna, who knows computers and robotics — and how to get into trouble. While the world might have changed, they know how to provide … Leverage.

Kate Rorick serves as co-showrunner and an executive producer alongside Dean Devlin. Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson are executive producers. John Rogers and Chris Downey are consulting producers.

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