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The Lazarus Project

The Lazarus Project - TNT

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When a man is stuck reliving a day, he is recruited for the Lazarus Project, a secret organization that has harnessed the ability to turn back time every time the world is at threat of extinction.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

If we could turn back time … turns out we can. That’s the premise of this intriguing British sci-fi thriller from Sky Studios, starring I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu as George, an everyday app developer in the U.K. who suddenly becomes aware that he’s living the last six months over. And over. What explains this Groundhog Day phenomenon? The Lazarus Project, of course, “a top-secret multinational organization dedicated to preventing and undoing mass extinction events,” George learns in an exposition dump. Because he’s one of the rare humans who has detected these manufactured time loops, George is recruited into the save-the-world organization. But when tragedy alters his own personal timeline, will George use Lazarus for his own purposes?

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