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A veteran detective retraces the final steps his only daughter took prior to her unnatural death.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

James Nesbitt (The Missing), one of the more intense fixtures in British crime drama, keeps you glued to the bitter, berserk end of an eight-part crime drama that’s tightly constructed as a series of escalating confrontations in brisk half-hour episodes. (This is becoming my new favorite format; see also FX/Hulu’s The Patient.) Nesbitt is detective Danny Frater, who goes rogue in a dark night of the soul as he tries to prove that the daughter he barely knew didn’t commit suicide. Episode by episode, he follows one lead to the next, starting in the morgue, where he’s shattered to discover the Jane Doe on the slab is his once-beloved Christina. “Nothing about this is routine,” he snarls at the chilly pathologist (Joely Richardson) as he breaks protocol and goes to extremes to get to the truth. The nifty suspect list includes The Good Doctor’s Antonia Thomas, Outlander’s Sam Heughan, and Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant.

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2022– Series 1 Season8 Episodes

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