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Transports viewers 66 million years in the past to discover our world — and the dinosaurs that roamed it.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

With the same attention to detail and storytelling he brings to his natural history series, Sir David Attenborough takes viewers back some 66 million years to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. With dazzling visuals and amazingly realistic CGI imaging technology, this five-part series (dropping new episodes through Friday) lulls you into believing your eyes as monstrous reptiles and flying giants fight for survival. The opening episode is set on Earth’s primitive “Coasts,” with a T-Rex father and his tiny offspring paddling to an offshore island with predators lurking underwater. Whether on land, sea or in the air, no creature is safe. Future episodes explore prehistoric life in deserts, fresh water, ice worlds and forests.

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