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Mrs Sidhu Investigates

Mrs Sidhu Investigates - Acorn TV

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Crime drama

A caterer from Slough in Berkshire has a highly active imagination and her own Indian Aunty brand of crime solving, also known as nosiness.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

A BBC Radio light mystery comes to life in a four-part British series of feature-length puzzles involving gifted caterer-turned-parttime sleuth Mrs. Sidhu (Meera Syal, who also voiced the character on radio), whose gigs somehow always overlap with murder. (Wonder if Jessica Fletcher was ever a client.) In the opener, her catering job at a high-end health club gets complicated when two bodies turn up at the spa and her niece becomes the prime suspect. As Mrs. Sidhu investigates, she invariably butts heads with the gruff Inspector Burton (Craig Parkinson), who has no use for this busybody. Until he does.