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A team of secret agents undertakes highly complex and dangerous covert missions to thwart national security threats from both within and beyond the United States’ borders.

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1966–1973 Series 7 Seasons176 Episodes

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Sunday, May 26

Double Circle

Season 4 • Episode 10

The IMF sets out to prevent the destruction of a vital secret formula.

Sunday, May 26


Season 4 • Episode 7

To locate a hoard of stolen money, the IMF takes a war criminal on a bizarre submarine voyage.

Monday, May 27

The Mercenaries

Season 3 • Episode 4

The IMF enters equatorial Africa to crush an army of mercenaries.

Sunday, June 2


Season 4 • Episode 11

The IMF turns itself into a surgical team to operate on a tyrannical ruler.

Sunday, June 2

The Falcon

Season 4 • Episode 14

The IMF uses a trained falcon to help in a crown jewel theft.

Monday, June 3

The Execution

Season 3 • Episode 5

Jim and Cinnamon set themselves up as targets for the underworld.

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