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A fearless guy apprentices himself to people who perform dangerous or disgusting jobs, ranging from rattlesnake catcher and zoo cleaner to road-kill collector.

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Saturday, May 25

Rock Sucker; Mountain Carver

Season 9 • Episode 4

Mike sucks rocks off an industrial roof with a massive vacuum; Mike travels to the Black Hills.

Saturday, May 25

Mardi Gras Bladder Banger

Season 6 • Episode 29

Mike assembles cow bladders that will be used during a Mardi Gras parade.

Saturday, May 25

Date Palm Pollenator

Season 6 • Episode 13

Mike answers viewer mail; collecting pollen from male date palm pods to fertilize the female trees.

Saturday, May 25

Bone Black

Season 5 • Episode 27

Mike is in Michigan where he gets filthy working at a bone black plant.

Saturday, May 25

Turkey Inseminator

Season 4 • Episode 13

Mike makes a house more energy efficient, then travels to a turkey farm.

Thursday, May 30

Hair Fairy

Season 6 • Episode 16

Mike learns how to remove hair lice from the Hair Fairies; Mike climbs Jelm Mountain in Wyoming.

Thursday, May 30

Concrete Finisher

Season 5 • Episode 26

Mike gets messy making decorative concrete countertops and a fire pit; recounts scariest job.

Thursday, May 30

Toilet Crusher

Season 5 • Episode 11

Mike performs tests on endangered snapping turtles; removes and recycles toilets.

Thursday, May 30

Spider Pharm

Season 5 • Episode 6

Mike learns how to make bird food in Payette, Idaho; milking spiders for their venom in Arizona.

Thursday, May 30

Worm Grunter

Season 5 • Episode 20

Mike harvests clams in Florida and does worm grunting in Apalachicola National Forest.

Thursday, May 30

Wine Maker

Season 3 • Episode 7

Mike takes on the dirty job of making wine, and then goes to a Kansas Cattle Ranch.

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