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Stories based on the legends and lore of the old American West, particularly the Death Valley area.

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1952–1970 Anthology Series 18 Seasons453 Episodes

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Tuesday, May 21

Pioneer Circus

Season 7 • Episode 23

A circus owner looks to hire a female horse rider.

Tuesday, May 21

The Invaders

Season 7 • Episode 24

Italian-Americans try to push the Mafia out of their town.

Tuesday, May 21

The Blonde King

Season 7 • Episode 25

A white leader of Indian tribes discovers a scheme to take away the tribes' gold claims.

Tuesday, May 21

The Newspaper That Went to Jail

Season 7 • Episode 26

A newspaperman tangles with a judge after the judge closes a mine under suspicious circumstances.

Wednesday, May 22

Old Blue

Season 7 • Episode 27

Feud between rancher and cattle driver.

Wednesday, May 22

Perilous Refuge

Season 7 • Episode 28

Against her family's wishes, a woman helps the man who shot her husband.

Wednesday, May 22

The Talking Wire

Season 7 • Episode 29

As their crops dry out, desperate farmers seek help from the owner of a hydraulic mining machine.

Wednesday, May 22

Half a Loaf

Season 7 • Episode 31

Two brothers work to make money for each other; one prospects for gold and the other raises a horse.

Thursday, May 23

Valley of Danger

Season 7 • Episode 32

An injured man harbors ill intent for the trading post owners offering him shelter.

Thursday, May 23

Forty Steps to Glory

Season 7 • Episode 33

A newcomer helps free a town from beneath the heel of a gunslinging saloon owner.

Thursday, May 23


Season 8 • Episode 2

A Mexican official is faced with a great decision during the annexation of California.

Thursday, May 23

Somewhere in the Vultures

Season 8 • Episode 1

A former prospector agrees to search the mountains for a woman's missing fiancé.

Friday, May 24

"Gates Ajar " Morgan

Season 8 • Episode 3

A zealot is forced to face the truth about his phony religious philosophy.

Friday, May 24

Rx: Slow Death

Season 7 • Episode 30

When a medicine man gives a boy a tonic that puts him in a coma, an apothecary must find the cure.

Friday, May 24

Sam Kee and Uncle Sam

Season 8 • Episode 4

A Chinese man prevents the desertion of an Army garrison.

Friday, May 24

The Grand Duke

Season 8 • Episode 5

Buffalo Bill is assigned to guide Russian Grand Duke Alexis on a tour of the West.

Saturday, May 25

The Scalpel and the Gun

Season 8 • Episode 7

A doctor, ostracized after allowing a patient to die, gets a chance at redemption.

Saturday, May 25

Fair Exchange

Season 8 • Episode 6

When valuable items disappear, Maj. Bullock suspects Charlie Stoner.

Saturday, May 25

Indian Emily

Season 8 • Episode 8

Lt. Tom Easton and his mother care for an Apache girl after the cavalry captures her in battle.

Saturday, May 25

Hang 'Em High

Season 8 • Episode 9

Rival communications companies vie for bonus money to build the first transcontinental telegraph.

Tuesday, May 28

Tribal Justice

Season 8 • Episode 10

The trial of an Indian chief's son accused of murdering one of his own.

Tuesday, May 28

The Little Trooper

Season 8 • Episode 11

A sergeant befriends a 4-year-old boy.

Wednesday, May 29

Ten Feet of Nothing

Season 8 • Episode 12

A miner discovers a vein rich in ore near his claim after giving half of his stake to a singer.

Wednesday, May 29

Lady of the Press

Season 8 • Episode 13

A female journalist reports on a corrupt politician.

Thursday, May 30

The Reluctant Gun

Season 8 • Episode 14

A lawyer defends an alleged killer.

Thursday, May 30

His Brother's Keeper

Season 8 • Episode 15

Actor Edwin Booth faces discrimination due to his brother's assassination of President Lincoln.

Thursday, May 30

The Devil's Due

Season 8 • Episode 16

A reformed criminal's former partners in crime come calling after robbing a bank.

Thursday, May 30

Money to Burn

Season 8 • Episode 17

A vagabond finds stolen riches and becomes a philanthropist.

Thursday, May 30

Dogs of the Mist

Season 8 • Episode 18

A pioneer goes missing, leaving behind two dogs, gold nuggets and a note.

Thursday, May 30

The Wedding Dress

Season 8 • Episode 19

A marshal takes on a mission to retrieve a stolen wedding dress while an outlaw gang runs wild.

Friday, May 31

Shadows on the Window

Season 8 • Episode 20

The governor of New Mexico Territory must convince Billy the Kid to bring evidence against a gang.

Friday, May 31

The Battle of Mokelumne Hill

Season 8 • Episode 21

A tax collector and a Frenchman go to war over a woman.

Friday, May 31

The Strangers

Season 8 • Episode 22

Things change for a Wyoming family when strangers in a wagon arrive at their prosperous homestead.

Friday, May 31

Goodbye Five Hundred Pesos

Season 8 • Episode 23

An Army officer faces unruly citizens.

Friday, May 31

Forbidden Wedding

Season 8 • Episode 24

A couple face opposition to their marriage, the governor of California.

Friday, May 31

One Man Tank

Season 8 • Episode 25

A failed and widowed prospector buys a goat farm to support his family and stumbles upon gold.

Saturday, June 1

Man on the Road

Season 8 • Episode 26

After a man gets thrown in jail for horse theft, his son meets a drifter.

Saturday, June 1

The Man Everyone Hated

Season 8 • Episode 27

A general becomes widely unpopular when he plans to resettle Indians onto a reservation.

Saturday, June 1

The General Who Disapproved

Season 8 • Episode 28

Montana's corrupt governor tries to reform his image.

Saturday, June 1

The Million Dollar Pants

Season 8 • Episode 29

Entrepreneur Levi Strauss starts the world's first blue jean manufacturer.

Monday, June 3

Pirates of San Francisco

Season 8 • Episode 30

A seaman, a barmaid and a journalist team up to fix a city rampant with crime.

Monday, June 3

A Woman's Rights

Season 8 • Episode 31

America's first female judge loses her savings and her marriage in a stand against corruption.

Monday, June 3

Eagle in the Rocks

Season 8 • Episode 32

Mexican Joaquin Murietta becomes the target of a town accusing him of the death of four miners.

Monday, June 3

Cap'n Pegleg

Season 8 • Episode 33

A captain who lost his leg takes revenge upon the sailors he holds responsible.

Tuesday, June 4

Emma Is Coming

Season 8 • Episode 34

Singer Emma Nevada wants to come home.

Tuesday, June 4

Human Sacrifice

Season 8 • Episode 35

An Indian chief's widow defies her tribe's tradition by refusing to be killed following his death.

Tuesday, June 4

Pete Kitchen's Wedding

Season 8 • Episode 36

Indians attack on the night of a rancher's wedding.

Tuesday, June 4

Mission to the Mountains

Season 8 • Episode 37

A rancher and an Indian encounter a paranoid prospector.

Wednesday, June 5

The Great Lounsberry Scoop

Season 8 • Episode 38

A newspaperman receives permission to accompany Gen. Custer's troops as they go to war with Sioux.

Wednesday, June 5

Pamela's Oxen

Season 9 • Episode 1

A woman refuses to give her oxen to Gen. Sam Houston for use in the war against Mexico.

Wednesday, June 5

Splinter Station

Season 9 • Episode 2

A widow's ranch is requisitioned by the Union Army, making her the target of Confederate cavalrymen.

Wednesday, June 5

Queen of the High-Graders

Season 9 • Episode 3

A detective falls in love while investigating the smuggling of high-grade ore out of a mine.

Wednesday, June 5

Devil's Bar

Season 9 • Episode 4

Townspeople unite against a couple who refuse to carry guns and fight.

Wednesday, June 5

Learnin' at Dirty Devil

Season 9 • Episode 5

A teacher steps in when an outlaw influences a youngster.

Thursday, June 6

Yankee Confederate

Season 9 • Episode 6

A Union officer attempts to thwart Southern patriot Belle Waverly's schemes.

Thursday, June 6

The Deserters

Season 9 • Episode 8

A colonel deals with five Union Army deserters.

Thursday, June 6

The Gentle Sword

Season 9 • Episode 7

A woman rescues her husband when outlaws trap him in a mine.

Thursday, June 6

Extra Guns

Season 9 • Episode 9

Harry Bassett, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson help a troubled saloon owner deal with corruption.

Friday, June 7

The White Healer

Season 9 • Episode 10

To incentive the surrender of Apache leader Geronimo, a doctor offers free services to his tribe.

Friday, June 7


Season 9 • Episode 12

Jim Badger tangles with corrupt lawmen and vigilantes.

Friday, June 7

The Wind at Your Back

Season 9 • Episode 11

A nun runs afoul of the law when helping an injured boy.

Friday, June 7

A Girl Named Virginia

Season 9 • Episode 13

Murder suspect gets thrown off a wagon.

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