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John Lacey joins a support group for divorced and widowed people.

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1988–1992 Series 4 Seasons90 Episodes

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Monday, May 20

John's Blind Date

Season 2 • Episode 4

John's blind date is successful until the woman announces her intention of moving in with him.

Monday, May 20

The Secret of Success

Season 2 • Episode 5

John refuses to buy a self-help book recommended by all his group members.

Monday, May 20

The British Are Coming

Season 2 • Episode 6

Louise needs a man to pose as her husband for her visiting relatives.

Monday, May 20

Something on the Side

Season 2 • Episode 7

John discovers that his ex-wife's new husband is cheating on her.

Monday, May 27

Father Knows Best

Season 2 • Episode 8

John's visiting dad takes an interest in Kate -- which she returns in kind.

Monday, May 27

Dilemma With Emma

Season 2 • Episode 9

John's meddlesome aunt joins the group.

Monday, May 27

Kate, a Date and Fate

Season 2 • Episode 10

Kate takes the group's advice and accepts a date -- with an old friend of John's.

Monday, May 27

Honolulu Baby

Season 2 • Episode 11

John accompanies Mrs. Philbert to her high-school reunion.

Monday, June 3

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Season 2 • Episode 12

John fears breaking up with a woman because of a bond with her 9-year-old.

Monday, June 3

Kirk's Problem

Season 2 • Episode 13

A new member's aggressive response to advances renders Kirk impotent.

Monday, June 3

John's Friend

Season 2 • Episode 14

Kirk and John go on a ski trip, but John finds another friend.

Monday, June 3

Unwelcome to the Club

Season 2 • Episode 15

The group is on edge over the club's newest member, a paroled convict.