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An extremely timid dog must regularly defend his owners.

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1999–2002 Series 4 Seasons192 Episodes

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Monday, February 26

The Duck Brothers; Shirley the Medium

Season 1 • Episode 6

Duck brothers kidnap Muriel; Eustace hires a medium.

Tuesday, February 27

King Ramses' Curse; The Clutching Foot

Season 1 • Episode 7

Courage discovers a stolen artifact; Eustace's foot is infected.

Wednesday, February 28

The Hunchback of Nowhere; The Gods Must Be Goosey

Season 1 • Episode 8

Courage befriends hunchback; goose god wants Muriel.

Thursday, February 29

Queen of the Black Puddle; Everyone Wants to Direct

Season 1 • Episode 9

Puddle queen woos Eustace into her world; Eustace agrees to allow a zombie director on the farm.

Monday, March 4

The Snowman Cometh; The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling

Season 1 • Episode 10

Trio encounters evil snowman; duckling claims Eustace as its mother.

Monday, March 4

A Night at the Katz Motel; Cajun Granny Stew

Season 1 • Episode 1

Motel run by a sinister cat; fox searches for ingredients for his Cajun Granny Stew.

Tuesday, March 5

Heads of Beef; Klub Katz

Season 1 • Episode 11

Hamburgers; Courage, Eustace and Muriel encounter Katz.

Tuesday, March 5

Night of the Weremole; Mother's Day

Season 1 • Episode 5

Muriel is bitten; Eustace takes Courage to visit his mother.

Wednesday, March 6

The Revenge of the Chicken From Outer Space; Journey to the Center of Nowhere

Season 1 • Episode 12

Chicken from outer space seeks revenge; angry eggplants plan to attack Muriel.

Wednesday, March 6

Little Muriel; The Great Fusilli

Season 1 • Episode 13

Muriel turns into a 3-year-old girl; Muriel and Eustace turn into puppets.

Thursday, March 7

The Magic Tree of Nowhere; Robot Randy

Season 2 • Episode 1

Courage wants to stop Eustace from destroying a magical tree.

Thursday, March 7

The Curse of Shirley; Courage in the Big Stinkin' City

Season 2 • Episode 2

Shirley returns to the farmhouse; Muriel is invited to play sitar.

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