Animals Unscripted

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Animals doing the craziest things are caught on camera.

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2019 Reality Series 4 Seasons87 Episodes

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Saturday, June 15

Stuffed Animals

Episode 24

Hilarious pet eating habits are featured.

Saturday, June 15

Say Cheese

Episode 25

Smiling pets, cats in boxes, animal climbers and much more.

Saturday, June 15

Chew on This

Episode 28

Hilarious animals that chew things.

Saturday, June 15

It's a Zoo Out There

Episode 26

Nonstop antics from silly and amusing animals.

Saturday, June 15

Cheezin' for the Camera

Episode 29

These hilarious pets are ready for their close-up.

Saturday, June 15

Party Poopers

Episode 30

Partying with the good boys.

Saturday, June 15

Grass Clowns

Episode 31

These animals finished at the top of their class at clowning.

Saturday, June 15

Cats vs. Dogs, Part 2

Episode 32

It's always a love-hate relationship between these two.

Saturday, June 15

Funny Puppies

Episode 7

Puppies brighten people's days.

Saturday, June 15


Episode 33

The best dogs for any crew.

Saturday, June 22

That Lovin' Feline

Episode 43

The time spent watching cat videos is never wasted.

Saturday, June 22

Welcome to Paw-llywood

Episode 45

These dogs love the camera.

Saturday, June 22

Chick Flick

Episode 48

Chickens, goats, horses.

Saturday, June 22

Petting Zoo

Episode 49

Confused cats to birdy best friends.

Saturday, June 22

Variety Show

Episode 52

The most entertaining animals of all shapes and sizes.

Saturday, June 22

Downward Dog

Episode 46

Pet clips that leave viewers' bodies rejuvenated.

Saturday, June 22

Pure Bread

Episode 47

Hungry pets, tired pets, funny pets; pets just doing the best pet things.

Saturday, June 22


Episode 51

Featuring puppies getting washed in the sink.

Saturday, June 22

Let's Pawty!

Episode 53

These pets know how to have a good time.

Saturday, June 22

Bone Appetit

Episode 54

These pets don't want to share.

Saturday, June 29

Animal Tracks

Episode 56

Goat yoga; ball pits.

Saturday, June 29

The Fast and the Furriest

Episode 50

Funny pets.

Saturday, June 29

Protec, Attac...Oh, Wait, Snacc!

Episode 57

The chunkiest good boys and girls.

Saturday, June 29

Socially Pawkward

Episode 59

These pets are cute, cuddly and without social etiquette.

Saturday, June 29

Dog Treats

Episode 60

Hilarious clips.

Saturday, June 29

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Episode 61

These animals love to play with people.

Saturday, June 29

Snow Problem

Episode 63

Animals in little sweaters.

Saturday, June 29

Songbirds and Somersaults

Episode 67

Pets serenading humans.

Saturday, June 29

Drop It Like It's Paw't

Episode 66

Owners coax their pets to "Droooop it. Droooooop it."

Saturday, June 29

Cleanliness Is Next to Dogliness

Episode 1

Happy grins that will melt hearts with their little teeth.