Accident, Suicide, or Murder

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Exploring true stories of suspicious deaths and strange behavior that put the tragedies in question.

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2019– Reality Series 4 Seasons66 Episodes

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Monday, April 22

Dark Echoes

Season 3 • Episode 1

A case is closed until an eerily similar incident drives investigators to reopen the case.

Monday, April 22

Unholy Secrets

Season 3 • Episode 2

A pastor places a call and pleads for help to save his fiancée, who, he says, just shot herself.

Monday, April 22

Killer Detective

Season 1 • Episode 5

A Texas police detective finds his wife dead from a gunshot wound and his coworkers work the case.

Monday, April 22

Killer Crash

Season 1 • Episode 6

A terrifying crash leaves one woman dead, her husband injured and more questions than answers.

Monday, April 22

Deadly Prophecy

Season 1 • Episode 7

A pastor's wife dies in a house fire; shocking secrets are revealed and a community is shattered.

Sunday, April 28

Playing With Fire

Season 4 • Episode 5

Investigators realize that nothing is as it seems after two bodies are discovered in a house fire.

Sunday, April 28

California Crash

Season 4 • Episode 6

A tragic car accident leaves a mother dead and her daughter in critical condition.