Wes Ramsey

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Birth Date: October 6, 1977

Age: 46 years old

Birth Place: Louisville, Kentucky

Partners: Laura Wright

Wes Ramsey's best known appearances have been as incorrigible rogues, but at least they were likeable rogues, for the most part. After honing his skills at Juilliard, he landed the role of Sam Spencer on the soap opera classic "Guiding Light." The character, who made his debut in 2000, started out as a troubled teenager, but as part of the program's machinations, he eventually became the mastermind of a scheme to sell pirated CDs. During this time, Ramsey also landed work in prime-time television shows and independent movies: in episodes of the fantasy show "Charmed," involving time travel, he played the grown-up version of Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, a character born with powerful mystical abilities. He also earned positive reviews for the romantic drama "Latter Days," in which he co-starred as Christian, a gay waiter who initially seems shallow but turns out to have unexpected depths.

While his '09 turn in another soap, "Days of Our Lives," as a gardener revealed to be a spy and obsessive kidnapper, may not have been quite as loveable, his oeuvre did lead to a recurring part on the popular crime show "CSI: Miami" as Dave Benton, an audio/visual tech who gives off a rock-star attitude. For Ramsey, that wasn't too much of a stretch.

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