7 Mind-Blowing Details You Might’ve Missed on ‘Westworld’ (PHOTOS)

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Westworld Easter Eggs

Dolores’ dress = Alice in Wonderland

In Season 1, Dolores’ journey is marked by passages from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. She reads passages from the book to Arnold (Jeffrey Wright), and she even tries to apply their meaning to her own existence in the park. Her costume is yet another hint at her “Alice lost in an upside-down world” life; it’s blue, just like Alice’s classic outfit.

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Caleb is the new William?

Fans who just finished a full series rewatch might have noticed a significant parallel between Dolores and Caleb’s first meeting and a key scene between William and Dolores. Those two moments parallel each other, with Dolores collapsing in Caleb’s arms and him holding her the same way William once did. Somewhat similar music plays, too. We’re not totally sure what that’ll end up meaning, but it seems to imply Caleb could end up being pretty important to Dolores.

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And Bernard’s new name does the same thing

Credit to Reddit for this one, but Bernard’s new name in Season 3 — “Armand Delgado” — is an anagram for “Damaged Arnold.” Because, you know, he’s Arnold. And he’s damaged. Hey, the rearranging of the letters is way cooler than getting “damaged” tattooed across his forehead.

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William’s heartlessness on full display

You’d have to have an eye for details to realize the Scotch Logan’s drinking during the scene where he last talks to his dad (“I’m all the way down now… don’t you want to see what I see?”) is the very same as the bottle William brings to James Delos during the fidelity testing scenes. The folks over at Insider noted it’s just another example of William’s meticulousness… and his heartlessness.

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Game of Thrones references

The upcoming showrunner cameo appearances aren’t the first time Westworld has paid tribute to the former worldwide phenomenon. If you look closely at Logan’s pin during the scene where he talks to William and Dolores after capturing them, you’ll notice it bears a striking resemblance to the “Hand of the King” pin on Thrones.

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Logo changes

Many fans were surprised by the “multiple timelines” reveal at the end of Season 1, but some picked up on it right away. How? If you look closely at technicians’ coats and the park welcome screens, you’ll see that the Westworld “W” logo changes in different scenes. It’s a subtle-yet-clear hint that all is not linear with this story.


Bernard’s full name

The names in Westworld have as much meaning as anything else on the show; for example, Dolores means “suffering,” which seems to describe her role in the park unfortunately well, and Maeve means “she who intoxicates,” which again, fit her part in the park. But the significance of Bernard’s name isn’t the meaning of it so much as what it’s an anagram for — “Bernard Lowe” rearranged is “Arnold Weber.” Mind. Blown.

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Westworld is known for many things; wild plot twists, events occurring across multiple timelines, characters who say they’re human but are really robotic hosts, etc. But one key aspect of the show — the thing that spawns thousands of discussion posts on Reddit — is the details. The tiny stuff in the background you can only catch on re-watch, the seemingly insignificant line dialogue that comes up later, the parallel scenes throughout the seasons.

Step into analysis mode with us as we examine some of that almost impossibly precise or deeply metaphorical stuff you might’ve missed.

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