‘Vinyl’: A Who’s Who Guide to Key Musical Players (PHOTOS)

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Rock of Ages

Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll…and madness. These are the ingredients to HBO’s new drama series, Vinyl. Legendary director Martin Scorsese and Rollings Stones frontman Mick Jagger teamed up to bring viewers directly into the music business of the 1970s, right before punk, disco, and hip hop broke into the scene. The show focuses on life through the eyes of a record label president struggling to balance his passion for triumph with his drug-fueled decisions. Get to know the key players of the ensemble drama with our who's who character guide.
Vinyl - Bobby Cannvale

Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale)

The colorful president and founder of American Century record label is known for his sharp ear and love for music and cocaine. Richie is dead set on being successful, but suffers major life obstacles—professional and personal—that complicate his ability to save the company and his soul.
Vinyl - Olivia Wilde

Devon Finestra (Olivia Wilde)

As Richie’s wife and a mother of two, Devon is a former actress/model who once served as Andy Warhol’s muse during the ‘60s. And when things begin to spiral out of control, she begins to revert back to a Bohemian lifestyle.

Vinyl - Ray Romano

Zak Yankovich (Ray Romano)

The quirky yet wild head of promotions at American Century is known for his hundred dollar handshakes. Zak is an essential player for the label, but he and Richie often bump heads on which direction the label should go toward during the changing music culture.

Vinyl - Juno Temple

Jamie Vine (Juno Temple)

An ambitious and resourceful assistant in the Artists & Repertoire (A&R) department of American Century, Jamie is mostly concerned with leaving her mark on the industry by doing whatever it takes to get ahead (and find the next big thing).
Vinly - Susan Heyward

Cece Matthews (Susan Heyward)

Clever and business savvy, Cece is Richie’s personal secretary and the who really runs the office side of American Century. And in an interview with the International Business Times, the actress described Cece as “the hands behind the genius.”
birgitte hjort sorenson

Ingrid Superstar (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen)

A close friend of Devon’s, Ingrid is also known for being a beloved Danish actress who was promoted and favored by Andy Warhol.
Vinyl - Max Casella

Julian “Julie” Silver (Max Casella)

Being the head of A&R at American Century, Julian is determined to keep cool and hip in the ever-changing world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Vinyl - James Jagger (with Juno Temple)

Kip Stevens (James Jagger)

The lead singer of early punk rock band The Nasty Bits wants to scream his way to the top. Problem is, even though Kip craves success, he isn’t willing to clean up his image. (Also, note the resemblance of the actor to his real-life father, Rolling Stones frontman and Vinyl co-producer Mick Jagger.)
Vinyl - Ato Essandoh

Lester Grimes (Ato Essandoh)

One of Richie’s first clients in the 1960s, Lester's killer pipes and guitar skills dominated the music scene. However, disagreements ended the partnership, until their quarrel sparks again a decade later.
Vinyl - Paul Ben-Victor as Maury Gold

Maury Gold (Paul Ben-Victor)

Richie’s charming mentor is also the owner of Rondelay Records, whose silent partner is Corrado Galasso, the New York mob boss. Despite his questionable connections, Gold is always around to lend an ear or give some much-needed advice—just don’t expect him to sugarcoat his thoughts.

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