7 Lingering ‘The Walking Dead’ Mysteries We Need Solved

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Is Tobias coming back?

Perhaps the first person to understand what the outbreak really was and to begin preparing for it, Tobias took steps to protect himself early and was turning into a pragmatic survivor. Unfortunately, viewers were never able to witness that transformation. Tobias disappeared in Season 1 after telling Madison Clark, his high school guidance counselor, to stay safe.

At least as of last season, there may have been plans to resurrect Tobias in Fear’s current storyline. Then-showrunner Dave Erickson confirmed he was still alive, but much like with Daniel, those claims have yet to amount to an on-screen appearance. And with new showrunners at the helm, perhaps fans shouldn’t hold their collective breath.

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What’s up with that mysterious helicopter?

Given its presence on the Season 9 poster, it’s likely more answers about the strange helicopter are coming. Jadis signaled it in Season 8, seemingly indicating she’s involved with the group that uses it, but what does it all mean?

It would be interesting to see part of the group get on the helicopter and explore another area of the country, or meeting up with the Fear The Walking Dead crew.

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Did Heath die?

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the series revolves around Heath, and his somewhat random disappearance. A major character who’s still alive and well in the comics, Heath’s sudden departure from the show took fans by surprise.

He became separated from Tara after a herd overtook them on a supply run, and (presumably) ran away to safety. Since then, there hasn’t been any news on the Heath front. Is he alive? Was he bitten when the walkers attacked? Will he somehow make it to Texas and run into Morgan and friends? Anything’s possible, given how open-ended his story was left.

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Where’s Daniel?

Fear The Walking Dead’s biggest mystery involves fan favorite Daniel Salazar. He was last seen in Season 3, standing on the bridge at the dam with Nick. And he has yet to show up since.

Granted, Daniel’s absence may also have everything to do with Ruben Blades’ busy schedule. The new showrunners have confirmed Daniel is still alive, and given the low number of “original” Fear characters currently on the show, one might surmise the showrunners could be making an effort to bring him back soon.

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Are The Proctors out for vengeance against the Clark family?

Fans are still hoping for some of the major threads from Fear’s third season to be tied up, and The Proctors are a huge loose thread. They, like Daniel, last appeared on the bridge of the dam. Their leader, Proctor John, survived the explosion, and it stands to reason he’s none too pleased with Alicia and her late family.

There might not be much of a chance for Proctor John to make a comeback, considering the Fear group will be battling against a zombie hurricane in the back half of Season 4. But the door is certainly left ajar for his return. After all, Alicia was the closest to the Proctors — she served as a medical assistant for them — and now, she’s the only Clark left alive. Those two things might not be coincidental.

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What happened to Sherry?

She’s alive — or at least she was when she wrote a note to Dwight that simply said “honeymoon” at the end of The Walking Dead’s eighth season. But things can change fast on this show, and a hopeful note is by no means a guarantee of a happily ever after. Especially when the writer is nowhere to be seen on the screen!

We last saw Sherry in early Season 7. She set Daryl free and escaped Negan and the Saviors, leaving Dwight another note and her wedding rings. Where did she go? What does “honeymoon” mean? Will we ever see her, or Dwight, again? It seems only time will tell.

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What happened to Grady Memorial Hospital?

Probably not the first question on fans’ minds, since the Grady arc was largely disliked, but it bears mentioning that Grady was one of the only “antagonistic” places the group left largely unharmed and still standing.

Granted, it wasn’t exactly running a sustainable operation after Beth and Dawn’s demises, and with walkers flooding the basement and dissent in the ranks, it seemed things were bound to go bad fast. But it would be interesting to find out if Grady is still going strong and helping survivors in the Atlanta area.

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After a combined 11 seasons of zombie-infested chaos, The Walking Dead and companion show Fear the Walking Dead have offered thrills and chills for years.

Yet throughout the ups and downs of survival at the end of the world, some characters and plotlines have faded into the background — and off the show entirely. Now, we have a myriad of mysteries that remain unsolved.

Click through the gallery above for some of The Walking Dead franchise’s biggest unresolved storylines.

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