10 Perfect Moments From Season 1 of Comedy Central’s ‘The Other Two’ (PHOTOS)

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The Other Two - Case Walker and Ken Marino
the other two episode 1
Comedy Central

Cary’s Commercial Audition (Episode 1, “Pilot”)

Ever curious about what a real life audition is like? Look no further. As a struggling actor, Cary dabbles in community theatre and whatever commercials his agent can get him an audition for. In this scene, Cary’s playing the role of “Man At Party Who Smells Fart.” Ah yes, art.

the other two episode 2
Comedy Central

Brooke’s Much Younger New Friend (Episode 2, “Chase Goes to a Premiere”)

While tagging along with Chase to a When In Gnome afterparty, Brooke meets Brittlyn, one of Instagram’s many beauty gurus. The two go back to Brittlyn’s place to hang out and play with toys (which Brooke thinks means hook up) and Brooke calls Cary in a panic. Turns out Brittlyn is actually 11-years-old. Surprise! Homegirl’s just really good at makeup.

the other two episode 3
Comedy Central

Justin Theroux’s Motorcycle Toilet (Episode 3, “Chase Gets A Girlfriend”)

So, the Dubecks staying at Justin Theroux’s apartment is a treat in itself. But, as Brooke and Cary snoop around their new humble abode, they stumble on a room with literally only a sink and a motorcycle. Turns out the motorcycle flushes and they’re in Theroux’s super trendy bathroom.

the other two episode 4
Comedy Central

Chase’s Music Video About Cary (Episode 4, “Chase Gets the Gays”)

We’re not even gonna talk about the lyrics to this song because that’s a whole other post in itself. What I am gonna say is that Chase’s video has a striking resemblance to One Direction’s “Story of My Life” video. Photographs, home videos, and a super dramatic theme? Check, check, and check. Are you in love with this show yet?

the other two episode 5
Comedy Central

Chase’s Body Double (Episode 5, “Chase Goes to a High School Dance”)

Celebs sometimes have doubles. Stunt doubles? Totally normal. But a spunk decoy named Lorraine is brand new to me. Streeter must really be on to something here. Because really all the hottest celebrities crawl through the walls.

the other two episode 6
Comedy Central

Brooke’s Big Break (Episode 6, “Chase Shoots A Music Video”)

Believe it or not, The Other Two isn’t all just fun and games. We even get heartwarming moments too! We learned that Brooke used to be a dancer and quit. But she finally gets the moment she always dreamed of when she’s given the chance to dance in her brother’s music video. This show really does have it all.

the other two episode 7
Comedy Central

The Insta Gays (Episode 7, “Chase Gets A Nosebleed”)

These guys are everything you hate about influencers and then some. But if you’re Instagram savvy, you can’t help but laugh. Watching them perform photoshoots in some of the most inappropriate places (in front of a school that burnt down) is a delight to watch. They really know their angles.

the other two episode 8
Comedy Central

Cary’s Call Me By Your Name Moment (Episode 8, “Chase Turns Fourteen”)

This is hands down the best moment all season. After a really terrible date Cary wallows by channeling his inner Chalamet and does the end credits scene to Call Me By Your Name. The scene is a perfect match to the film too! There’s even Sufjan Stevens playing in the background to really get those tears flowing.

the other two episode 9
Comedy Central

Pat’s Side Projects (Episode 9, “Chase Drops His First Album”)

Imagine Kris Jenner, but a million times kookier. That’s Pat Dubek. After her son’s claim to fame we learn that she’s already got a book published and a funky jewelry line in the works. Sign me up for a Pat Dubek original.

the other two episode 10
Comedy Central

Chase’s VMAs Performance (Episode 10, “Chase Performs at the VMAs”)

It’s true. Chase Dreams cannot actually sing. We all totally saw this coming but somehow were still shaken to the core when we discovered this cold, hard truth. This may have been one of the most visually pleasing performances the VMAs have seen and Chase’s out of tune vocals really are the cherry on top.

Can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2!

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One of the most wonderful gifts 2019 has given us is the hilarious new Comedy Central series The Other Two. In the first season, we watch 13-year-old Chase Dreams’ rise to stardom after creating a viral music video. And while his claim to fame is one hell of a ride, we also can’t help but adore Chase’s two washed-up older siblings Brooke and Cary, played by Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver.

The show really is a great time, no doubt. And every episode is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The show’s jokes are constant, so sometimes you may not even get to appreciate every single one. Which is why we handpicked some favorite moments from each episode of Season 1, which airs its finale Thursday, March 28 (the series has been renewed for a second season). Because you deserve to laugh as loud as you possibly can.

Click through the gallery to check out the best of the best moments from Season 1 of The Other Two.

The Other Two, Season 1 finale, Thursday, March 28, 10:30/9:30c