10 Questions We Still Have After the ‘Instinct’ Series Finale (PHOTOS)

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Instinct S3 Qs
CBS; Jeffrey Neira/CBS; Mary Kouw/CBS
Instinct - 'Trust Issues' - Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart and Daniel Ings as Andy
Mary Kouw/CBS

What will Dylan and Andy be like as parents?

We’re assuming wonderful, of course, but it’s a tragedy we never got to see them with their baby. Furthermore, how would the mysteries surrounding an attack and Pasternack’s return have affected Andy as a parent and their family?

Instinct - Naveen Andrews and Bojana Novakovic
Linda Källérus/CBS

Are Lizzie and Julian over for good?

Sadly they weren’t able to make a relationship work and even had their “give-bye,” exchanging personal items after their breakup. But if the series had continued, they may have had a chance at some point down the line, although …

Instinct Ryan Lizzie

Is Lizzie’s trip the beginning of something new with Ryan?

Lizzie finally decided to go somewhere when she took her vacation time and set out on a two-week cross-country trip. Earlier in the episode, Ryan (Travis Van Winkle) had invited her to join him at an MMA match, and that was on her itinerary.

Instinct - 'Go Figure' - Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart and Travis Van Winkle as Det. Ryan Stock
Linda Källérus/CBS

Would Ryan have returned to New York and the precinct?

He’d come to New York for the Sleeping Beauty Killer case, but he stuck around for the following two episodes. He even said goodbye to everyone at the beginning of the Season 2 finale, only for Lizzie to find him sneaking around later because he’d decided to stay in the city for some sightseeing and didn’t want to pay for a hotel. If there had been a third season, would he have ended up joining the NYPD?

Daniel Ings as Andy in Instinct - 'Grey Matter'
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

What happened to Andy’s storyline in the finale?

Andy wasn’t even in the final episode, but according to the logline, he not only should have been, but he should have been practicing law: “Andy rescues one of Dylan’s students from a legal bind.” CBS even released the above photo.

Instinct - 'Grey Matter' - Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Should we be worried about Dylan’s ability to do his job?

Following possible exposure to a nerve agent, Dylan’s vision was blurry and he had trouble reading people in the Season 2 finale. “If I can’t study people’s behavior, I don’t know how I can keep doing my job,” he admitted to Lizzie. “I don’t know how I can keep being me.”

Though his MRI had been interrupted, he’d rescheduled it, but he was no longer worried by the end of the episode. He attributed the problem to acute stress disorder, his fight-or-flight response. But is he right?

Instinct Goodman

Can “Goodman” be trusted?

As Julian informed Dylan, Pasternack (Campbell Scott), “the double-dealing, insidious mercenary,” became Ken Goodman and wiped his record clean. And when he interrupted Dylan’s MRI in the finale, he claimed he wanted to help stop an upcoming attack on New York. (When they thought he was dead, Dylan and Julian had assumed he had trained someone since targeting first responders sounded just like him.)

Reluctantly, Julian agreed to work with Goodman — or at least stay close enough so he and Dylan could figure out what he’s up to.

Instinct - 'Stay Gold' - Naveen Andrews as Julian Cousins
Jeff Neumann/CBS

Who’s behind the attack on the precinct’s computer and what’s their plan?

Goodman claimed he wasn’t behind the malware disruption, but was he telling the truth? Was Goodman lying and could he be luring Julian deeper into a frame job, or is there someone out there who could potentially be worse than Pasternack?

“Something big’s hitting New York,” he told Dylan. “The malware disruption you had at the precinct … is the tip of the iceberg. Whoever is planning these attacks, they are looking to cause maximum damage.” We were never told exactly what that entailed.

Instinct Maya

Who killed Maya?

Goodman said he didn’t kill Maya but was their best bet at finding out who did. Dylan and Julian had considered the possibility that he’d brought her in to get to Julian and took her out when she was no longer needed or refused to turn. But if that wasn’t the case, who might have been responsible?

Or could Goodman have killed Maya to try to get Dylan and Julian on his side, even if he was telling the truth and he wants to stop what’s going to hit New York?

Instinct - 'One of a Kind' - Naveen Andrews as Julian Cousins and Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart
Mary Kouw/CBS

Is Dylan getting back into spy world?

Dylan has, for the most part, left his CIA past behind, especially with a baby on the way. But with this upcoming attack and the return of Pasternack, that may have changed. He told Julian he’d back him up if he worked with Goodman. “Are you offering to get back into my world?” Julian asked. It appeared that things were heading in that direction, but it’s unclear how that would have played out.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the series finale of Instinct, “Grey Matter.”]

After two seasons, Instinct has come to an end on CBS, but the series finale left quite a few loose ends.

And fans should have expected that going in, since the procedural drama was canceled two days before its penultimate episode. Creator Michael Rauch even warned viewers not to expect things to be wrapped up neatly in a bow. “It is not our series finale,” he wrote on Twitter Friday. “It was not written, performed, or intended to be the series end. Those stories have yet to be told and arcs dangle incomplete.”

In fact, one arc just started in the Season 2 finale. Click through the gallery above to see that and more lingering questions we will likely never have answered.