‘Manifest’ Sneak Peek: Angelina Visits Pete With a Theory About That Photo (VIDEO)

There may be hope for one of the Methheads — the men who kidnapped Cal (Jack Messina) last season and, like the 828 passengers, appear to have died and come back — and it comes via a connection to another one of the returned on Manifest.

Passenger Angelina (Holly Taylor) followed a Calling (auditory and visual hallucinations that lead the returned to help people) to a photo from her childhood, and Methhead Pete (Devin Harjes) was in the background with her! He ends up separated from the other men and arrested as a result of seeing that image. And now, in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the April 15 episode, Angelina and Pete ponder just what that connection between the two means.

“You’re safe, OK? We’re right here watching,” Detective Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) assures her fellow 828er when Angelina comes to the police station to visit Pete in lockup.

“I keep looking at this picture, thinking it’s some wild coincidence, but I think it’s more,” Angelina tells Pete as she steps over to his cell. “I think it’s a sign. Michaela saved me. I think I’m supposed to save you.”

As you’ll recall from the premiere, a Calling led Michaela and Zeke (Matt Long), on their honeymoon, to save Angelina from her parents who saw those visions as evil. She left behind Costa Rica and returned to New York with Michaela and has been staying with the Stones.

Watch the clip above to see why Pete agrees he and Angelina are connected.

Devin Harjes Manifest Season 3 Episode 3 Pete Baylor


“Angelina is just looking to heal and find some little ounce of happiness somewhere. When she finds something that could potentially lead to a connection between her and another person, she’s very eager to jump on that,” Taylor told TV Insider. “Maybe here’s somebody else who’s also been through a lot that I can connect with, I can share my emotions with. She hasn’t had that for a long time.”

Also in this week’s episode, “Wingman,” Michaela is sidelined by devastating news, and Ben (Josh Dallas) teams up with an unusually gifted fellow 828er to help a young teen. Plus, Grace (Athena Karkanis) confronts old family wounds, and Olive (Luna Blaise) looks into an ancient mythology in hopes of helping the passengers.

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