‘The Masked Dancer’ Panelists Ask Tulip Hard-Hitting Questions (VIDEO)

How much can the panel learn about the costumed celebrities in a short period of time?

That’s the question for the new segment debuting in January 27’s Super Six episode of The Masked Dancer, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek.

With guest panelist Whitney Cummings joining Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, and Brian Austin Green, host Craig Robinson introduces “Rapid Fire,” in which those behind the desk can ask “hard-hitting questions” of the masked contestants. The catch: They have 15 seconds total in which to do it.

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Plus, the unmasked celebrity discusses his choice to stay in character as the Cricket.

Beginning with “ex-boyfriend of Donna Martin” (Green) and moving along the panel, the questions asked of Tulip are: “Where would you retire?” “How are you at memorizing dialogue?” and “What would be worse: running out of gas or running low on battery on your phone?”

Watch the clip above to see what the panelists surmise about Tulip based on the answers.

Joining Tulip in the Super Six episode with hopes of advancing to the Final Five are Cotton Candy, Exotic Bird, Sloth, Zebra, and Hammerhead.

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