‘Trust Me’: 3 Reasons to Watch the Medical Anthology on Hulu

Trust Me Jodie Whittaker

Paging all suspense junkies!

Both seasons of the medical anthology Trust Me feature different casts, stories and settings, but they share one common thread: tales of medical misdeeds and mysteries in Scotland that will raise your resting heart rate. Here’s why you need to check it out.

1. Jodie Whittaker’s standout performance in Season 1

Skilled, compassionate nurse Cath Hardacre loses her job, so she steals the identity of a retiring doctor friend and finds work in a new town. Whittaker so well captures Cath’s concern for her patients (love that Botox-free crease between her eyes!) that you root for her even as suspicions (quite rightly) build up. 

Trust Me Jodie Whittaker

(Credit: BBC)

2. The Rear Window vibe in Season 2

Paraplegic soldier Jamie McCain (Alfred Enoch) is in a Glasgow hospital’s spinal unit undergoing rehabilitation after combat injuries. He begins to suspect there’s an “angel of death” killing off his fellow patients. But his physical limitations make him reliant on disbelieving staff to investigate in this Hitchcockian tale.

3. Twists in both installments

Just when you think Cath’s cover may be blown, we learn that her boss (Sharon Small) has her own dangerous secret. And Jamie must count on his physiotherapist (Ashley Jensen) and a young doctor (Outlander‘s Richard Rankin!) when his sleuthing makes him a target. Can he trust them?

Trust Me, Seasons 1 and 2, Streaming now, Hulu