Brian Williams to break his silence in a ‘Today’ interview with Matt Lauer

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Brian Williams to break his silence in a Today interview with Matt Lauer
The two NBC News colleagues taped an interview earlier this week that could air as early as Friday, or possibly later due to breaking news in Charleston, according to CNN. “Whenever it airs,” says CNN, “the interview will be the start of a comeback attempt by Williams.” PLUS: Williams is poised to become MSNBC’s breaking news anchor, with no set time slot.

Netflix is using SoulCycle to grab Emmy attention
This week, Netflix is offering free SoulCycle classes in hopes of attracting Emmy attention to its TV shows.

Fargo teases Season 2 with a bird
Here’s a glimpse of the “Sioux Falls incident.”

A Prime Suspect prequel series is in the works
The British detective drama that starred Helen Mirren is getting a prequel that will focus on a young Jane Tennison.

Marc Maron will interview President Obama
The president is expected to stop by the IFC star’s garage to tape a one-hour episode of his WTF podcast. “This is a big day for our country, for me and for my cats. I’m looking forward to a respectful conversation with the President,” Maron said in a statement.

BBC won’t guarantee a female presenter for Top Gear
Despite what new host Chris Evans says, there will be “no gender diktats” for the new presenting lineup, says a BBC exec.

Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden both penned letters to themselves
Both derived sketches from Kim Kardashian’s letter to her future self in Glamour magazine.

Lauren Graham reveals which of Rory’s Gilmore Girls boyfriends she would’ve hooked up with
Graham said on Watch What Happens Live: “Ooo! Would I want to? Oh, um, Milo? Milo. I’m a brunette person. Milo Ventimiglia.” Graham also refused to say which of her TV daughters is her favorite. PLUS: Graham reenacts a Gilmore Girls scene with Andy Cohen.

SNL‘s Colin Jost goes on a Twitter rant against Time Warner Cable
The Weekend Update co-anchor tweeted: “The main reason I believe in the concept of Hell is because I know the people who work at Time Warner Cable will go there when they die.”

Workaholics star Blake Anderson drops the F-word live on Cincinnati TV
A local TV station had to pull the plug on a very tired Anderson who was promoting his new movie Dope.

Jimmy Fallon as a young James Taylor seesaws with the actual James Taylor
Check out their Two James Taylors on a Seesaw sketch.