What's Worth Watching: Sisterhood of the Traveling Hip Hop

Emily Aslanian
Tim Brown/Oxygen)

Sisterhood of Hip Hop

Sisterhood of Hip Hop, "California Love" (Tuesday, June 9, 9/8c, Oxygen)

Sisterhood of Hip Hop returns for round two tonight, exploring the professional and personal lives of five fierce ladies taking on the hip hop industry. In the premiere episode, it's Grammy weekend (so, February 2015) and everyone is preparing for Siya and Nyemiah's big show in LA – including Brianna, Bia, and Diamond who come out to show their support. In the meantime, Brianna and her mom have a meeting with Atlantic Records that gets real about her future in the biz; Diamond struggles with the idea of moving out to LA while her family and new boy remain in Atlanta; and Bia is thrilled with the career boost she's earned since cosigning with Pharrell. The most exciting development, however, comes when T-Pain drops by Siya's rehearsal – and attends her show start to finish – and courts her for future business, just as her contract with Tank is up. We smell drama heating up as some careers are on the up-and-up and others, well, aren't.