4 Gadgets for a High-Tech TV Experience

Tech Section
Tech Section

There are more choices than ever for personalizing your home-theater sound system and TV picture—and now there’s even
a projector that Dr. Evil would die for!

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphone System
$279, en-us.sennheiser.com

The digital wireless system used in these headphones has a range of over 300 feet and helps create interference-free sound. There are controls right on the ear cup for bass boost or surround sound—perfect for watching your favorite action flick. The RS 175 also includes a base station that functions as both a transmitter and a charging stand.

4K SUHD JS9500
$4,999, samsung.com

If you’ve been having a LG or Samsung TV debate with yourself before purchasing – you might like to know that you can call it nanocrystal technology or quantum dots or just plain awesome because this latest innovation on Samsung’s 65″ 4K literally increases the range of colors you can see. And the set’s Peak Illuminator improves the contrasts for an impressive ultra-high-def picture.

Plus, the Blu-ray Disc Association just approved specs for ultra-HD discs. Movies and TV shows that are even better than Blu-ray should be available in time for the holidays. You’ll need to buy a new player, but thankfully, it’ll still play your old discs.

Polk Omni SB1
$699, polkaudio.com

There are lots of good sound bars to choose from, but this sleek model has an outstanding feature. With the Voice-Adjust component, a controllable voice channel, you can be your own sound mixer and make movie and TV dialogue actually intelligible.

PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000
$7,999, epson.com

Dr. Evil will have to settle for his frickin’ laser beams in a projector instead of attached to sharks. Lasers, not the traditional lamps, power up the picture on this 4K-enhanced projector. It turns on much faster than lamp-based ones, and you don’t have to regularly replace the laser,as you do with lamps.