CBS will Pay Tribute to Letterman with a 90-Minute Primetime Special

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CBS will pay tribute to Letterman with a 90-minute primetime special
Ray Romano will host David Letterman: A Life On Television, airing on Monday, May 4, from 9:30-11 pm, 16 days before Letterman’s final Late Show.

Dr. Oz fires back at his critics: I’m not practicing medicine on air
“I started my show to give TV audiences advice on how to find a good life, not to practice medicine on air,” he writes in Time magazine, adding: “In some instances, I believe unconventional approaches appear to work in some people’s lives. They are often based on long-standing traditions from different cultures that visualize the healing process in very different ways from our Western traditions.”

Kevin Spacey producing a drama series based on the White House staff
Spacey plans to turn the new book, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House by Kate Andersen Brower, into a “Downton Abbey”-like series, focusing on the butlers, stewards, maids who work in the White House.

A Robin Hood TV series is in the works
Angus Donald’s book series, The Outlaw Chronicles, which reimagines Robin Hood, is set for a TV treatment.

Empire stars will perform at the Billboard Music Awards
Jussie Smollett and Bryshere “Yazz” Gray will sing a medley of their Fox series’ hits.

The Real accused of discriminating against Muslim women
The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a complaint alleging that the daytime talk show asked two women wearing hijab head scarves to “move out of camera view during a show taping.” A Warner Bros. TV rep responds that it’s our “policy is to welcome everyone.”

Read the transcript of Ben Affleck’s censored Finding Your Roots segment
In it, Affleck learns that his ancestor, Benjamin Cole, owned 25 slaves, according to the 1850 census.

Nickelodeon acquires Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen library
That includes four series, seven TV movies and two music video specials. PLUS: Lori Loughlin reenacted a Full House scene with Andy Cohen as Michelle Tanner.

Watch Ben Kingsley in the trailer for Spike TV’s Tut
Kingsley plays the mentor to the Egyptian boy king, in the miniseries airing July 19-21.

Sacha Baron Cohen behind Amazon’s latest pilot order
Cohen and Nebraska writer Bob Nelson are teaming up on Highston, a half-hour coming-of-age comedy about a 19-year-old with a vast imagination.

Marc Maron unveils his IFC Maron Season 3 trailer
Guest-stars this season include Whitney Cummings and Patton Oswalt.

In new ABC promo, Bruce Jenner prepares for an “emotional roller coaster”
“It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster, but somehow, I’m going to get through it,” he tells Diane Sawyer. PLUS: Dr. Phil jokes that Jenner is too old for a gender transition.

Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez uses her fake pregnant belly to skip the Chipotle line
Rodriguez tells Seth Meyers it takes 10 minutes to put the belly and 10 minutes to take it off, so she keeps it on during the one-hour lunch breaks.

The Americans blew nearly everything up in Season 3
“After two years of gathering dread,” says Andy Greenwald, “The Americans morphed into a perpetual heart attack in its third season. Every scene felt as if it could explode into murder or collapse into dust. But though horrific things do happen — the broken body in the suitcase, the cracked tooth in Elizabeth’s mouth, the burning tire around a dying man’s neck — they rarely result in anything approaching resolution.” PLUS: Holly Taylor explains how she didn’t know how the season finale would end, what an incredibly confident ending to the season, Season 3 proved to be even better than the previous two seasons, the ending was the perfect twist for the show, the entire season has been filled with dark, warped reflections of parent-child configurations, what did The Americans mean when it used Reagan’s words?, why Martha was missing, the producers talk Season 3, and Matthew Rhys on what Philip was thinking.