VOTE: Which Milo Ventimiglia TV Role Is Your Favorite?

Mob City- Milo Ventimigilia
Doug Hyun/TNT
Milo Ventimigilia in 'Mob City' Description/ I.D.: Milo Ventimiglia

We know: you’re missing This Is Us and your weekly dose of sweet, sweet Milo Ventimiglia. The perfectly imprefect patriarch of the Pearson family wows viewers with his compassion, his excellent fashion sense and his ability to rock a pornstache. And since the March 14 episode of This Is Us was the season finale, we’re Milo-less until the Season 2 premiere this fall!

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But never fear, TV Insider will help fill the Milo hole in your heart. Get ready to rank your favorite Milo TV roles—from his first TV appearance to the roles we’ll never forget.

Is Peter Petrelli your hero on Heroes? Do you watch Gilmore Girls and wanna be Jess’s girl? Or is American Dreams‘ Chris Pierce your American dream? Rank the Ventimiglia-roles by voting up or down in the poll below! And there is no loser in this poll, because it’s all about Milo!

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