Tom Brokaw: I didn’t demand Brian Williams’ firing

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Tom Brokaw: I didn’t demand Brian Williams’ firing
The former NBC News anchor dismissed a NY Post report that claimed he wanted Williams’ “head on a platter” for the Iraq War helicopter fiasco. “I have neither demanded nor suggested Brian be fired,” Brokaw told The Huffington Post. “His future is up to Brian and NBC News executives.” PLUS: Brokaw turns 75 today, CNN retracts helicopter pilot’s story supporting Williams, and Conan O’Brien “uncovers” more of Williams’ lies.

The Blacklist tops Scandal in its Thursday debut
About 9.9 million tuned in for the James Spader drama, compared to 9.5 million for Scandal. While the number was up in total viewers from The Blacklist‘s Monday timeslot, it was down slightly in the 18-49 demo.

Kerry Washington addresses the controversy over her lightened-skin InStyle cover
The magazine blames its cover lighting for the Scandal star’s lightened skin, adding that Washington’s skin wasn’t lightened. Meanwhile, Washington tweeted: “Beautiful statement. Thank u 4 opening this convo. Its an important 1 that needs to be had.

Larry Wilmore apologizes for joking about black women
The Nightly Show host joked to his all-male panel on Wednesday, questioning whether black women were too busy. As a result, Wilmore apologized Thursday and promised to have a show later this month devoted to black mothers.

How The Big Bang Theory cast its Internet bully
Thursday’s surprise guest-star (watch here) filmed his scene from England. PLUS: Last night’s episode was based on a real blog.

Jon Stewart and Bob Odenkirk reminisce about coming up in New York’s comedy scene
The Daily Show host can’t believe Odenkirk is now the star of his own show, Better Call Saul.

Oprah got choked up when asked about Bobbi Kristina
Oprah Winfrey was on the verge of tears when asked by paparazzi to address the sad Bobbi Kristina situation.

Scandal‘s Scott Foley got into a Twitter fight with William Shatner, thanks to Backstrom
Rainn Wilson’s Fox drama has been trying to get some of Scandal‘s Twitter action by tagging Foley in their tweets, and somehow Shatner got involved.

Martin Short recalls working with Larry David on SNL
Short recounted to Letterman the famous story of David quitting the show, only to come back to work.