‘The Price is Right’ Host Drew Carey Stunned After ‘Historic’ Dice Game Sweep: ‘That Was Insane’

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Drew Carey couldn’t believe his eyes during the June 12 episode of The Price is Right after a contestant swept the Dice Game and won himself a brand new car.

The official Price is Right Instagram page posted a clip of the epic moment, which showed a contestant named Devon testing his luck at the Dice Game.

For those unfamiliar, the Dice Game involves a contestant being shown the first digit of the price of a car and then presented with four oversized dice on a gaming board. The contestant must roll each die, and if the number matches the next digit in the price, the digit is revealed. If not, the contestant has to guess whether the digit is higher or lower than the number they rolled.

However, there are no zeroes in the price and no digits higher than six, so if a contestant rolls a one or six, they are automatically given the next digit. But what is the likelihood of rolling all ones or sixes? Well, in Devon’s case, surprisingly high.


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Devon approached the board with his four dice and made his first roll, landing on a six.

“We know it’s lower than a six, so that’s an automatic winner,” Carey explained before Devon made his second roll and landed another six.

“Keep that going, man,” Carey encouraged.

Devon rolled a one on his third toss and then, unbelievably, another six for his final roll, meaning he won the car.

“You got a car! Go get it!” Carey exclaimed as Devon looked shocked and the studio audience cheered.

“Well, that was insane,” the long-time host continued. “That was amazing.”

Fans were just as shocked as Carey and took to social media to share their reactions.

“I saw this live too it was def epic! finessed that!,” wrote one Instagram commenter.

“Bob [Barker] definitely would’ve called this a historic moment,” said another.

“I feel like @drewfromtv jinxed it in his favor! Good vibes! Love it!!” added another viewer.

Another wrote, “Wow idk if that’s ever happened before but WOW.”

“He took his time and nailed that board like a Pro!!!” said another.

“Those dice were obviously rigged,” quipped another.

What did you think of Devon’s epic win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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