Are You a ‘Jeopardy!’ Genius? Test Yourself With These Final Jeopardy Questions (QUIZ)

Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!
Jeopardy Inc

Calling all fans of Jeopardy! How many times have you gotten to the Final Jeopardy question of the day and known the answer?

Have you ever stood and/or shouted at your screen, feeling smug that you got the answer right when all three contestants got it wrong?

Certainly, Final Jeopardy is always a talking point for fans of the show.

These last few Final Jeopardy questions have been equally easy and challenging if the Jeopardy! Twitter and Reddit fans are any indications. Some find the questions presented in the High School Reunion Tournament too easy and better placed in a children’s trivia competition.

Well, now’s your chance to prove yourself. Take our special multiple-choice version of Final Jeopardy questions and see how many you can get right out of 20. And keep in mind, when you get the results: the right answers are in green and the wrong ones are in red.

Good luck!