‘Jeopardy!’: Which Contestant Advanced to The High School Reunion Tournament Finals?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the March 7 episode of Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament.]

The March 7 episode of Jeopardy! High School Reunion Tournament saw Tim Cho, Caleb Richmond, and Maya Wright go head to head in a game of trivia to earn a spot in the upcoming two-game finale, where the Jeopardy! winner will receive $100,000 in prize money.

Tim quickly demolished the two first March Madness questions before Caleb gained momentum and got his first Daily Double. For the $1,000 clue in the “Y” On The Map” category: “Site of a historic 1945 conference, this city on the Crimean Peninsula is known for its many health resorts,” Caleb bets, “all of the dollars I am legally allowed to” and doubled to $3,200.

Going into Double Jeopardy! Tim led with $8,200, Maya with $3,400, and Caleb with $3,200. Caleb waged $4,018 for the second Daily Double and missed, reducing him to $1,182 and putting Tim in the lead.

Tim got the other Daily Double leading with $9,000, missing the answer and reducing his cash to $6,000. These misses made way for a much closer game, as co-host Mayim Bialik pointed out, which resulted in a $9,582 vs. $8,800 in favor of Tim and $7,800 for Maya going into Final Jeopardy.

Maya bet it all on Final Jeopardy, and despite having an extra “T,” Wright was right. She advanced to the tournament finals with $15,600 and became the only previous finalist to return to the finals.

A Reddit post noted, “that even if Maya had wagered little or nothing, she still would have won without having to be right on FJ.”

In the same thread, contestant Caleb commented, “there’s no better person to lose to twice than Maya!” He said that his loss was especially bitter “because Roget was his blind guess,” and he second-guessed himself going into the question. But he ends his post by saying, “Maya is a fantastic person to lose to, and it’s very funny to say I have lost twice to someone 16 inches shorter than me ❤️❤️.”

Maya advances to the finals alongside Jackson Jones and Justin Bolsen to have a chance at winning the $100,000 prize.

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