‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Celebrates Sheila Carter With Halloween Episode

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will be happy to learn the soap has a special Halloween episode ready to go. The episode will celebrate supervillain Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) who has been wreaking havoc on daytime for 30 years.

Airing on October 31, the special episode will serve as a highlight reel for daytime’s most popular villain, showcasing a series of clips of her worst and most outrageous stunts and moments of cruelty, above.

Kimberlin Brown in 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

(Credit: Adam Torgerson/CBS)

Sheila is infamous for terrorizing the wealthy and powerful Forrester family, and having particularly conniving conflicts with nemeses Maggie Forrester, Stephanie Douglas, Sally Spectra, and Macy Alexander, among others.

The episode will showcase some of the highlights from Sheila’s criminal career throughout the decades, including when she kidnapped James Warwick and held him hostage in her basement to protect her secrets, back in 1995.

In 1998, when she faked her death in Genoa City (The Young and the Restless), and headed to Los Angeles, where The Bold and the Beautiful is located, and ran off Eric Forrester’s son’s nanny, Judy Johnson, by paralyzing her. Then she tampered with paternity tests to clear her path to marriage. When she unleashed bees on Lance by dumping them into his window, killing him, back in 2002.

Poisoning Lauren Fenmore and trying to force her to jump off a building in 2005. Sheila followed this up by trying to kill her in a boat explosion. Another inclusion is when she attempted to suffocate and attacked Quinn Fuller with a fire poker in 2017 along with swapping out Brooke Logan Forrester’s non-alcoholic champagne with real champagne, triggering Brooke’s alcoholism, as revenge for Brooke vowing to protect Steffy Forrester and her family from her in 2021.

Most recently, shooting her own son, Finn Finnegan, when he jumped in front of Steffy Forrester, trying to protect her from his gun-wielding mother. Sheila then left them both for dead. This is just a taste of what fans can expect. Be sure to tune into the extra scary episode on October 31 and check out some of Sheila’s exploits in the fun clip, above.

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