‘The Peripheral’ Co-Creator on the Show’s Line Between Reality & Virtual Reality

Chloe Grace Moretz in 'The Peripheral'
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William Gibson, The Peripheral

The Peripheral

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William Gibson
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Gaming expert Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) is experiencing a timeless kind of terror in Prime Video‘s The Peripheral.

While trying out a cutting-edge virtual reality headset that sends her to London in the future, she comes to realize the scene of danger she’s playing a part in isn’t virtual; it’s quite real. And her participation in a crime has put her in grave danger.

“Flynne is a true prodigy in a headset,” says creator-writer Scott B. Smith (A Simple Plan). In this sci-fi murder mystery — based on William Gibson’s 2014 novel — she’s also living a dull life and burdened by an ailing mom — until the headset’s on.

“Flynne is offered a chance to become the heroic self she’d thus far only played at,” says Smith. Be careful what you wish for.

The Peripheral, Series Premiere, Friday, October 21, Prime Video