‘The Resident’ Season 5 Finale: Nic Is ‘the Heart of the Whole Episode’

Emily VanCamp as Nic in The Resident
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) hasn’t been the only one in need of closure since losing his wife, Nic (Emily VanCamp), after a car accident early this season. VanCamp returns for flashbacks that will “give the audience the thing they’ve been yearning for,” promises The Resident executive producer Andrew Chapman.

Throughout the moving Season 5 finale, Conrad has recurring memories of Nic — specifically a night shortly after their daughter Gigi was born — and “desperately” tries to figure out their meaning. “It’s the heart of the whole episode, and, in a way, the entire season. It’s about dealing with grief and life moving forward,” Chapman says.

As Conrad makes a decision about his future, so will others at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, leading to multiple big reveals at a party celebrating the engagement of Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and Chastain CEO Kit Voss (Jane Leeves). How big? You may need medical attention!

The Resident, Season 5 Finale, Tuesday, May 17, 8/7c, Fox