‘American Idol’: Ava & Yoli Compete in First-Ever ‘On the Spot’ Sing-Off (VIDEO)

American Idol‘s competition is really heating up as the “Showstopper/Final Judgement” episode arrives Monday, April 4.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, competitors Ava Maybee and Yoli Mayor are taking on an American Idol first. Following their competitive Hollywood Week, the aspiring superstars will sing their hearts out during the Showstoppers round before being taken in for Final Judgement.

American Idol Ava Maybee Yoli Mayor

(Credit: ABC)

In the Showstoppers round, the remaining singers give it their all with the support of the American Idol band and then face sing-offs in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie for the Final Judgement which will seal their fates. And, based on the clip, above, Ava and Yoli are the very first to partake in the “On the Spot” sing-off.

Ava decides to go with The Police’s “Roxanne” for her portion of the sing-off, while Yoli follows her with Kehlani’s “Honey. As both competitors deliver solid performances, their sing-off puts Perry, Bryan, and Richie on the spot, forcing them to decide who will be among the Top 24.

Who will come out on top? Will it be Yoli Mayor or Ava Maybee? Only time will tell for sure, but ABC’s fan-favorite singing competition series is certainly ramping up the tension with this exclusive sneak peek clip. Check out the full segment, above, and don’t miss the full American Idol episode when it airs Monday night on the network.

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