‘Jeopardy!’ Releases Unseen Footage Of What Happened After Matt Amodio Lost (VIDEO)

Mayim Bialik and Matt Amodio on Jeopardy!
Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

One of the greatest runs in Jeopardy! history came to an end on Monday when Matt Amodio was finally bested, bringing to an end the second-longest winning streak the show has ever seen.

Following Monday’s episode, the official Jeopardy! Twitter account released unseen footage of the moments following Amodio’s shock defeat. “Everybody take a deep breath,” said current host Mayim Bialik as the show’s new champion, Jonathan Fisher, buried his head in his podium. “My water’s empty,” said Fisher as he tried to compose himself.

“Congratulations, that was quite a game,” Bialik told Fisher, who finished the game with $29,200. Amodio, who ended up in third place behind contestant Jessica Stephens with just $5,600, also heaped praise on his usurper. “Well deserved, excellent,” said the Ph.D. student from New Haven, Connecticut. “It’s been really a pleasure to watch all of this unfold,” concluded Bialik.

Amodio had racked up 38 consecutive wins and $1,519,601 in total earnings during his time on the show. His streak put him in the number two spot for all-time successive wins behind Ken Jennings (74 wins), while his winnings landed him the number three spot in the show’s highest earners behind James Holzhauer ($2,462,216) and Jennings ($2,520,700).

“Just to see myself on the stage at all was an honor, and everything that’s happened since, I just can’t fathom,” Amodio said in a tribute video shared by the Jeopardy! Twitter account. He also took to his own Twitter page to congratulate his opponents, writing, “Congrats to today’s two brilliant challengers for making it an exciting game of #Jeopardy today! Let’s celebrate a match well played by Jonathan and Jessica!”

Greatest of all Time contestant and soon-to-be stand-in host Jennings also praised Amodio, tweeting, “What a run!” Amodio has previously said how Jennings is his Jeopardy! idol. Not only that, but Better Call Saul actor Michael McKean also stopped by to comment, simply writing, “Amazing.”

“You have no idea how special you make me feel by commenting, thank you so much for taking the time!” Amodio responded to McKean’s comment.

Viewers, too, paid tribute to Amodio’s impressive run. Check out some of the reactions below.

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