15 Group Costume Ideas Inspired by TV Shows (PHOTOS)

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Amy Schumer Halloween Costume

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

A Pack of Amy Schumers

Difficulty level: 2 / 5
It was a bang-up season for Inside Amy Schumer, so buy all the blond wigs and become a gaggle of the comedian's characters. A massive novelty wine glass is perfect for her faux-Tami Taylor from "Football Town Nights" (and also a practical party accessory.) For "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup," cake on some clown-level makeup (or go bare-faced.) Heidi braids and a black-and-white outfit, and you're Amy from "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer. And of course, one of you can don formalwear and bed-head while carrying an Emmy statuette, because Schumer's a winner.

The Walking Dead Group Costume for Halloween

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead Survivors

Difficulty Level: 3 / 5
There's something for everyone: Sword-wielding Michonne, cowboy-hatted Carl, grizzly-bearded Rick, crossbow-bearing Daryl, army-gear Abraham, mullet-sporting Eugene -- add in a few traditional Halloween zombies and you've got yourself a TV team. Roll around in the dirt before heading out, for the right amount of desperately-trying-to-survive grime. It won't matter if your group splits up while party-hopping--on screen, the whole crew rarely stays together for long.

Wet Hot American Summer Halloween Costume

The Wet Hot American Summer Counselors

Difficulty Level: 3 / 5
Ideal if you have an addiction to shopping at American Apparel (or know someone who was a teen in the early 1980s). Don’t skimp on the accessories: A puka necklace for Lindsay, knee-high gym socks for all the boys, and a dirty blue bandana and can of mixed veggies for Gene are key.

Big Bang Theory Halloween Costume

Michael Ansell/CBS

The Big Bang Theory's Nerds

Difficulty: 4 / 5
Pull together each character's distinct look if you can get a big group of seven.

Sheldon: Superhero shirt (The Flash or Green Lantern) over a long-sleeved tee and straight-leg cords or khakis, plus chunky boots
Leonard: A science-y tee under a hoodie with a light jacket over it, plus slightly-flared cords and Chucks Taylors
Wolowitz: A color-coordinated shirt and dickey combo with super-super-tight skinny jeans, laced Vans and a garish belt buckle
Raj: An un-color-coordinated sweater vest and light sports jacket over a button-down shirt, all on top of cargo pants and slip-on Vans
Penny: Tight, low-cut shirts to wear over short skirts or shorts, plus platform shoes. (For later-season Penny, you'll need ballet flats and a pixie cut.)
Amy: A striped V-neck cardigan over a button-down shirt over a T-shirt, all on top of a dowdy pencil skirt, dark tights and orthotic shoes
Bernadette: A sweet A-line dress with mini cardigan, plus dark tights and flats or low heels

Bobs Burgers Halloween Costume


Bob’s Burgers' Belcher Family

Difficulty Level: 3 / 5
You'll need five willing participants to pull off the Belcher family (if you have any extras, Mr. Fischoeder and Teddy make great additions.) An apron and bushy mustache for Bob; a long-sleeved red shirt and cat-lady-sized scarlet glasses for Linda; a yellow T-shirt and mini keyboard (or hamburger costume, if you happen to have one handy) for Gene; a light blue tee, thick glasses, knee socks and converse for Tina; and a green dress and pink ski hat with bunny ears for little sister Louise, and you've got yourself a family.

Orange Is the New Black OITNB Halloween Costume


Orange Is the New Black Inmates

Difficulty level: 1 / 5
For the comfort-conscious group: Sport some scrubs, nix the makeup and mix up the hairstyles (knots for Crazy Eyes, a crimson dye job for Red). You'll need someone really, really ridiculously good looking and heavily tattooed to be your Stella, and someone boring to be your Piper.

Scream Queens Halloween Costume

Steve Dietl/FOX

Scream Queens' Kappa Kappa Tau Sisters

Difficulty level: 2 / 5
Gather up your girls in all their best pink or feathered finery, add in a few special accessories (earmuffs, back braces) to differentiate between the Chanels and top off with a bit of fake blood to make sure you're not mistaken for any old sorority sisters. Add in someone with a dated '90s wardrobe, a security guard and an uptight dean for a full ensemble cast. And the group isn't complete without a masked red devil to scare the bejeezus out of everybody.

Orphan Black Clones Halloween Costume

Jan Thijs/BBC America

The Orphan Black Female Clones

Difficulty Level: 4 / 5
You probably don’t have four identical sisters. So, the key to this group costume is getting the details right and going for each clone’s most popular look. Head clone Sarah will need a blue and black plaid hoodie and a black leather jacket—layered over a striped red shirt. The friend playing Alison can hit up JCrew for their matching Tippi sweater and cardigan—then add pearls. A must: bangs! After she puts on a green flak jacket, Helena will need to rim her eyes in red shadow, layer on the pale face powder, and have blond curly hair. For Cosima, find a curve hugging dress, black dreads, thick-rimmed glasses, and a white lab coat. And, finally, for Rachel, your most bitchin’ skirted power suit and fancy heels.

TV Talk Show Hosts: The View


The Ladies of The View

Difficulty Level: 1 / 5
First, no fighting over who gets to be Raven-Symone. Remember, to do her right, you’ll have to shave half your head and dye the remaining blonde, get a big chunky necklace, a vintage dress, and layer on the makeup (heavy lipstick is non-negotiable). If you’re Whoopie, at least you get to be comfortable: After the dreads, all you’ll need is the baggiest, flowiest clothing you can find, round glasses, dark lipstick, and sneakers. Unless you’re between 50 and 60, Joy Behar’s haircut will require a red wig. Find the dullest, most basic (and we mean in that way) outfits, and you are Candace Cameron Bure or Paula Faris. Can you tilt your head, purse your lips together and still manage to smile? To be Michelle Collins, braid your bangs and tie them back, and put on a white blazer over a black tank. Then attach yourself to Joy Behar and talk crap about the nursing profession.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Halloween Costume

Patrick McElhenney/FX

The Gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Difficulty Level: 3 / 5
Start with the easiest: For Charlie, all you need is a pair of very dirty (very baggy in the crotch) long johns, a black ripped T-shirt, and a green flak jacket. Extra points if you carry around a gray stuffed cat wearing red mittens. For Dennis, a slim fit plaid button down with the douchiest designer jeans you can fine. (Patch pockets? Go for it.) The friend dressing as Mac will need to ladle on the fake tattoos and find one of his ridiculous T-shirts (our favorite: the I Rock and RIOT ones, which are both available online). Get your skinniest, blondest friend to be Sweet Dee, and get her in head-to-toe Urban Outfitters. And as for Frank: You’ll need black polyester pants, a red button down cut like a bowling shirt and worn un-tucked, old man shoes, black rimmed glasses, and someone willing to wear a partial bald cap and waddle all night.

Empire Guys Halloween Costume

Michael Lavine/FOX

Empire's Lyon Brothers

Difficulty level: 3 / 5
Give the suavest member of your trio a cool hat and leather jacket; the youngest some gold chains and flashy sneakers; and the most uptight guy a high-class suit, and you'll be transformed into Jamal, Hakeem and Andre Lyon. Feel free to break into song, unless you are the Andre.

Astronaut Wives Halloween Costume

Cook Allender/ABC

The Astronaut Wives Club's Housewives and Husbands

Difficulty level: 4 / 5
Instead of going as Mad Men for the umpteenth time, try putting '60s style to work as the cast of The Astronaut Wives Club.The be-cardiganed housewife look hinges mostly on the hair; a few from your group can don skinny ties and space helmets to play the NASA-employed spouses.

Goldbergs Family Halloween Costume

Bob D'Amico/ABC

The Goldbergs Family

Difficulty Level: 2 / 5
Just go find these spectacular track suits. Do it now. Also: hairspray.

Real Housewives Halloween Costume

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Real Housewives of Anywhere

Difficulty level: 2 / 5
Stillettos, tacky-glam dresses and a willingness to throw your drink in your friends' faces, and the look is complete.

Disney Descendants Costumes

Disney Channel

Descendants' Rebel Teens

Difficulty Level: 4/5
Spawns-of-Disney-villains Mal, Jay, Carlos and Evie have their own styles, and you'll need to pay attention to the leather and accessories to get them right. (See sketches of Descendants costumes here.)

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