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Crime drama


Jim Rockford is an ex-convict turned private detective.

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1974–1980 Series 6 Seasons131 Episodes

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Saturday, June 15

Aura Lee, Farewell

Season 1 • Episode 17

A woman hires Rockford to solve a homicide involving a state senator and a con man.

Sunday, June 16

There's One in Every Port

Season 3 • Episode 12

After being taken by a father-daughter swindle team, Rockford puts his own con game into motion.

Sunday, June 16

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You

Season 3 • Episode 13

A big agency tries to force private detectives (Simon Oakland, Cleavon Little) out of business.

Sunday, June 16

Sleight of Hand

Season 1 • Episode 18

Rockford's search for his girlfriend leads to a fugitive syndicate chief.

Monday, June 17

The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club

Season 2 • Episode 13

Rockford poses as a newspaper publisher when he cracks a "charity" club.

Monday, June 17

The Hammer of C Block

Season 2 • Episode 14

After serving 20 years for slaying his wife, an ex-convict hires Rockford to find the real killer.

Tuesday, June 18

The No-Cut Contract

Season 2 • Episode 15

Rockford must protect a small-time pro quarterback in a blackmail scheme.

Tuesday, June 18

A Portrait of Elizabeth

Season 2 • Episode 16

A comptroller hires Rockford to investigate the possible theft of cashier's checks.

Wednesday, June 19

Joey Blue Eyes

Season 2 • Episode 17

Loan sharks try to take over a former convict's (Michael Ansara) legitimate new restaurant.

Wednesday, June 19

In Hazard

Season 2 • Episode 18

Beth is jailed and threatened after advising a broker in a tax suit; guest Joseph Campanella.

Thursday, June 20

The Italian Bird Fiasco

Season 2 • Episode 19

A rare bird sculpture involves Rockford with an international smuggling ring; guest William Daniels.

Thursday, June 20

Where's Houston?

Season 2 • Episode 20

Rockford is asked by an old friend of his father's to find his missing granddaughter.

Friday, June 21

Foul on the First Play

Season 2 • Episode 21

A P.I. tries to use Rockford to help a client.

Friday, June 21

A Bad Deal in the Valley

Season 2 • Episode 22

An old flame uses Rockford to deliver a package of money that turns out to be phony.

Saturday, June 22

The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers

Season 3 • Episode 14

Rocky and Jim's old friend (Strother Martin) is forced into a retirement home.

Saturday, June 22

The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers

Season 3 • Episode 15

When Rockford tries to rescue T.T. from a hospital, the old man escapes.

Saturday, June 22

Counter Gambit

Season 1 • Episode 19

Rockford and a released convict battle for pearls and a woman.

Sunday, June 23

The Becker Connection

Season 3 • Episode 16

Becker is suspended on suspicion of dealing in dope.

Sunday, June 23

Just Another Polish Wedding

Season 3 • Episode 17

An ex-con and his sidekick team up as private eyes and compete with Rockford in a finder's fee case.

Sunday, June 23


Season 1 • Episode 20

Rockford is plunged into a tug of war between police and the underworld.

Monday, June 24

The Fourth Man

Season 3 • Episode 1

Rockford's friend is the target of an assassin in an airport parking lot.

Monday, June 24

The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit

Season 3 • Episode 2

A psychic points to Jim as being involved in the slaying of a dope pusher.

Tuesday, June 25

The Family Hour

Season 3 • Episode 3

Rockford becomes the custodian of a 9-year-old girl who is looking for her father.

Tuesday, June 25

Feeding Frenzy

Season 3 • Episode 4

A woman wants to return money her dad stole.

Wednesday, June 26

Drought at Indianhead River

Season 3 • Episode 5

Angel is placed on the mob's hit list when he suddenly becomes wealthy.

Wednesday, June 26

Coulter City Wildcat

Season 3 • Episode 6

After Rocky wins an oil-rights lottery, he is assaulted and ordered to sign over the land.

Thursday, June 27

So Help Me God

Season 3 • Episode 7

A zealous U.S. attorney causes Rockford to be cited for contempt.

Thursday, June 27

Rattlers' Class of '63

Season 3 • Episode 8

Rockford finds that Angel's wedding is a scam.

Friday, June 28

Return to the 38th Parallel

Season 3 • Episode 9

An Army buddy (Ned Beatty) gets Rockford to help a woman (Veronica Hamel) find her sister.

Friday, June 28

Piece Work

Season 3 • Episode 10

The mob and federal agents go after Rockford when he uncovers a gun-smuggling scheme.

Saturday, June 29

To Protect and Serve

Season 3 • Episode 19

A police groupie complicates Rockford's search for the missing fiancee of an underworld attorney.

Saturday, June 29

To Protect and Serve

Season 3 • Episode 20

A police groupie reveals the location of a mobster's fiancee, whom Rockford is protecting.

Saturday, June 29

Say Goodbye to Jennifer

Season 1 • Episode 21

Rockford's uncanny knowledge of fashion models' quirks leads to the solution of a homicide.

Sunday, June 30

New Life, Old Dragons

Season 3 • Episode 18

Rockford stumbles onto a bizarre kidnapping scheme while searching for a Vietnamese woman's brother.

Sunday, June 30

Crack Back

Season 3 • Episode 21

Counselor Beth Davenport engages Rockford to find a missing witness.

Sunday, June 30

Charlie Harris at Large

Season 1 • Episode 22

A playboy suspected in the death of his wealthy wife turns to Rockford.

Monday, July 1

The Trouble With Warren

Season 3 • Episode 11

Beth's genius cousin becomes a suspect in the deaths of his boss and his firm's head.

Monday, July 1

There's One in Every Port

Season 3 • Episode 12

After being taken by a father-daughter swindle team, Rockford puts his own con game into motion.

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