T-Pain’s School of Business

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T-Pain explores innovative and unique startups created by millennial entrepreneurs.

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2018– Reality Series 2 Seasons14 Episodes

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Thursday, May 30

Remix Everything

Season 2 • Episode 1

The world's first healthy instant ramen company; weed wine; musical instrument of the future.

Thursday, May 30


Season 2 • Episode 2

T-Pain cooks up some grubs with an insect baking company; the electric vehicles of the future.

Thursday, May 30

Take Initiative

Season 2 • Episode 3

T-Pain builds a vibrator; T-Pain customizes sneakers; T-Pain makes chicken and waffles.

Thursday, May 30


Season 1 • Episode 4

T-Pain gets his lunch delivered by robot and then chews some supergum.

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