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Science fiction




Capt. Jonathan Archer commands a starship at the dawn of humanity’s exploration of deep space.

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2001–2005 Series 4 Seasons129 Episodes

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Friday, April 12

North Star

Season 3 • Episode 9

Archer and crew discover a human colony seemingly straight out of the Old West.

Saturday, April 13


Season 3 • Episode 10

Trip is injured in an accident that disables the ship.

Monday, April 15

Carpenter Street

Season 3 • Episode 11

Archer and T'Pol travel to the 21st century to stop the Xindi from destroying Earth.

Tuesday, April 16

Chosen Realm

Season 3 • Episode 12

The Triannons take the Enterprise crew hostage, bent on eradicating heretics on their home world.

Wednesday, April 17

Proving Ground

Season 3 • Episode 13

The Andorian Imperial Guard helps steal the Xindi's superweapon.

Thursday, April 18


Season 3 • Episode 14

The crew tries to fool the creator of the Xindi weapon into revealing its location.

Friday, April 19


Season 3 • Episode 15

Feuding disrupts an investigation of a rescued alien; T'Pol confesses her feelings for Trip.

Saturday, April 20

Doctor's Orders

Season 3 • Episode 16

Dr. Phlox and T'Pol are in charge of the ship after the crew is put into a sleep state.

Monday, April 22


Season 3 • Episode 17

Archer goes to extremes to save an abandoned nest of Xindi-Insectoid eggs.

Tuesday, April 23

Azati Prime

Season 3 • Episode 18

Archer plans to sacrifice himself to destroy the Xindi weapon; Daniels arrives to dissuade him.

Wednesday, April 24


Season 3 • Episode 19

Archer sacrifices his ethics in order to intercept the Xindi weapon.

Thursday, April 25

The Forgotten

Season 3 • Episode 20

Archer attempts to convince Xindi weapon-designer, Degra, that humanity is not his enemy.

Friday, April 26


Season 3 • Episode 21

A ship from the future warns the Enterprise about a wormhole.

Saturday, April 27

The Council

Season 3 • Episode 22

T'Pol and Reed lead a team on a mission to obtain information about the spheres.

Monday, April 29


Season 3 • Episode 23

Archer launches an assault on the superweapon speeding toward Earth.

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