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Sci-fi drama series about the crew of a Starfleet space station.

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1993–1999 Series 7 Seasons182 Episodes

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Tuesday, May 21

It's Only a Paper Moon

Season 7 • Episode 10

Nog retreats into the fantasy world of lounge singer Vic Fontaine after losing his leg in a battle.

Wednesday, May 22

Prodigal Daughter

Season 7 • Episode 11

Ezri goes to New Sidney to find O'Brien and uncovers some disturbing family secrets.

Thursday, May 23

The Emperor's New Cloak

Season 7 • Episode 12

Quark and Rom cross to the Mirror Universe to rescue Grand Negus Zek.

Friday, May 24

Field of Fire

Season 7 • Episode 13

Ezri summons a homicidal Dax incarnation to understand the mind of a killer.

Sunday, May 26


Season 7 • Episode 14

A changeling asks Odo to leave the station and join his search for other shape-shifters.

Monday, May 27

Badda-Bing, Badda-Bing

Season 7 • Episode 15

Vic Fontaine's ownership of the holosuite lounge is jeopardized.

Tuesday, May 28

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Season 7 • Episode 16

Bashir becomes an unwitting pawn in a deadly game between Romulan and Starfleet forces.

Wednesday, May 29


Season 7 • Episode 17

Ezri searches for a missing Worf; Sisko makes plans to marry Kassidy Yates.

Thursday, May 30

'Til Death Do Us Part

Season 7 • Episode 18

Sisko agonizes over his broken engagement; Dukat's latest evil plan is revealed.

Friday, May 31

Strange Bedfellows

Season 7 • Episode 19

An alliance between enemies could turn the war against the Federation; Worf and Ezri face execution.

Sunday, June 2

The Changing Face of Evil

Season 7 • Episode 20

War reaches turning point; Cardassian leader breaks from alliance.

Monday, June 3

When It Rains ...

Season 7 • Episode 21

Bashir makes a shocking discovery about the disease that is ravaging the Founders.

Tuesday, June 4

Tacking Into the Wind

Season 7 • Episode 22

Kira plans to steal an enemy weapon; Worf investigates a Klingon power shift.

Wednesday, June 5

Extreme Measures

Season 7 • Episode 23

Bashir and O'Brien must get into the mind of the man who holds Odo's cure.

Thursday, June 6

The Dogs of War

Season 7 • Episode 24

The Federation war against the Dominion reaches the prelude to one final showdown.

Friday, June 7

What You Leave Behind

Season 7 • Episode 25

Sisko leads the Federation Alliance in an attempt to invade the Cardassian home world.

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