Mike Hammer (1984)

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Crime drama


In the gritty streets of 1980s New York, a tough private investigator solves violent crimes with a mix of brute force and cunning wit.

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1984–1989 Series 5 Seasons46 Episodes

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Sunday, July 21

Death in the Family

Episode 19

Mike is a mob target when he vows to find the man who wounded a friend in a gang-war shootout.

Monday, July 22

Cold Target

Episode 20

A retired judge's secret assassination squad kills a reporter.

Sunday, July 28

A Bullet for Benny

Episode 21

Mike connects the mob to a candy-store owner's murder.

Monday, July 29

Dead Man's Run

Episode 22

A terrorist kills Mike's former commanding officer, who was involved with freedom fighters.

Sunday, August 4

Deadly Reunion

Episode 2

At his reunion, Mike probes killings involving a genius club.