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Meltdown: Three Mile Island

Meltdown: Three Mile Island - Netflix





American history

Insiders recount the events, controversies and effects of the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

A four-part docuseries from the producers of Erin Brockovich and director Kief Davidson (The Ivory Game) looks back to the worst nuclear-power incident in U.S. history when the Pennsylvania nuclear power plant experienced a partial meltdown in 1979. (Ironically, a movie featuring a similar disaster, The China Syndrome, had been released just 12 days earlier.) With archival footage, reenactments, home video and interviews, Meltdown focuses on the plant’s chief engineer and whistleblower, Richard Parks, as well as members of the community impacted by this almost-catastrophe.

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